Email signature solution: why integrate them in the Marketing Stack?

Email signature solution: why integrate them in the Marketing Stack?

In just a few years, email signature solutions have become an essential part of the marketing stack of software—most of the time SaaS solutions—used to help marketing teams make informed decisions. Also called the “martech stack”, this set of tools helps automate email distribution, produce visual content, plan campaigns, analyze project performance, and—of course—manage email signatures. What questions should you ask yourself to better integrate email signature management into your marketing stack? Here’s what you need to know.


8,000 martech solutions!

Let’s start with a disclaimer: there is no single martech stack that suits all companies and all needs. Depending on your expectations, audience, the notoriety and attractiveness of your company, some tools will be indispensable while others are more superfluous. A company that sells its products or services directly to the consumer (B2C), for example, does not use the same channels or the same techniques as another that only addresses companies and organizations (B2B); hence the different technological needs.

However, marketers have long dreamed of a five-legged sheep capable of meeting all their requirements. But some specific needs require specialized tools, which bring finesse and functional richness. Lead generation thus requires marketing automation solutions as well as more specialized tools to produce landing pages or to program a conversational agent.

The evolution of the market reflects this complexity: in a single decade, we’ve witnessed some 150 marketing solutions develop into... 8,000! This is a staggering increase, as evidenced by this other figure: of all the solutions presently on the market, one in five didn’t exist just two years ago. All of them are listed by Chief Martec in a map that gets more and more dizzying every year:

marketing technology landscape - SAAS


The email signature, a high potential channel that calls for a dedicated solution

Whatever their situation, market, and strategic positioning, almost all companies have one thing in common: they send emails, and most often with a professional signature. It remains to transform these few lines (name, position, contact information…) into a new communication channel, a new marketing asset. How do you accomplish this? Simply by using a professional email signature solution.

With such a solution, the banner at the end of the email can present important news or promotions, an upcoming event or webinar, or even a real marketing campaign. The best way is a unified approach—at the end of every email, to all the recipients of all the company’s employees.

Banner mail, marketing / promotional

With more than 300 billion emails sent every day worldwide, the power of this channel cannot be ignored. However, you need to be equipped to implement this strategy both in a targeted manner and on a broad scale.

All our advice in 7 questions.

How to ensure aesthetic and consistent email signatures? How to include email signatures in the global marketing planning?
How to measure the contribution of email signatures to marketing performance? How to differentiate email signatures for internal and external audiences?
How to make email signatures a conversational contact point? How to orchestrate email signatures on a large scale?
How can such a SaaS solution help become more agile quickly?


1) How to ensure aesthetic and consistent email signatures?

Companies and organizations should build their own visual identity and use it consistently across all media. This identity contributes to its notoriety and brand image in the broadest sense.

The email signature can contribute to thisas long as you don’t leave it up to each user and her or his individual tastes and preferences, different graphic-design and HTML skills, and simple personal habits. In that case, your email signatures could quickly turn into a hodge-podge free-for-all. Some forget to specify their position. Others adopt different department names, whether within the same department or among subsidiaries. All of this can be detrimental to your brand image. All your email signatures must remain standardized, attractive, and professional so your customers, partners, service providers, and prospects can all easily identify you.

To this end, choose a solution that brings you consistency, uniformity, and quality, all with a high level of personalization. Letsignit is designed to meet this challenge and help communication and marketing departments homogenize email signature templates. Editing a template is simple and productive: a “color picker” extracts the dominant color of your logo to automatically create email signatures in your image while a “designer” allows you to arrange the desired elements (function, contact information, and so on) with a simple drag and drop. No technical or graphic skills are required, and you can customize everything in a few clicks.

That’s it for the signature itself. The banners that come with them can be produced using SaaS solutions for creating visual content that are already part of the daily life of marketing and communication teams. Of course, such signatures won’t seem very useful if the deployment side is a chore. Out of the question to proceed in a manual way by sending signatures to employees that they would need to set up themselves. The key words here must be centralization and automation—two principles applied by Letsignit in order to offer a solution that can be activated directly from Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and that don’t require any action from the user.


2) How to include email signatures in the global marketing planning?

Another major question that should guide your choice: how to allow email signatures to serve your business? An effective email signature solution opens the door to a new marketing channel that is as effective as it is economical. In order for this solution to really contribute to your objectives, simplicity is key: if deploying a new campaign is complicated or time-consuming, your teams will drop this channel. Make sure it takes just a few clicks to create a campaign, import the new banner and fill in the redirect link. Other settings should be just as quick, whether it’s setting up the campaign’s timing or priority level, or the people involved.

SaaS tool Signatures mail assignement

You can then easily turn all the emails sent by your employees into a targeted marketing campaign. Each theme has its own banner:

  • Company news: new markets, media coverage, geographical deployment, op-ed pieces, awards, fundraising, and important information
  • Customer news: customer testimonials, interviews for your blog, publication of a satisfaction survey
  • Commercial information: new products, promotional campaigns, launches of new features, and tutorials or video demonstrations
  • Resources: publication of a white paper, blog article, infographics, newsletters, videos, and podcasts
  • Events: conferences, trade shows, and webinars

Almost any subject can be the subject of a dedicated communication. This is what Damien Matry, Information Systems Manager at IZIPIZI, appreciates:

Damien Marty - IZIPIZZI

Since implementing Letsignit at IZIPIZI, each employee has the same email signature model and our campaigns are automatically updated as soon as our graphic designer schedules a new campaign on the platform.”

email signatures IZIPIZI

Hence the interest in relying on a SaaS collaboration tool—a key element of any marketing stack, to plan email signatures in a way that’s consistent with the company’s calendar and all campaigns.


3) How to measure the contribution of email signatures to marketing performance?

To manage your marketing campaigns effectively, you want to be able to measure their effects in real time, to know their performance precisely. You can’t manage your marketing actions without a global performance measurement. Marketers have understood this and are increasingly turning to SaaS data warehouse solutions to collect and display data that is sometimes disparate.

The good news is that this performance is also available for email signatures. Indeed, the emails that each employee sends daily to your customers, partners or prospects benefit from a high credit with the recipient. The sender is a person, often already known, hence the high level of confidence in his message. Hence, the importance of creating an eye-catching, visually successful email signature that refers to interesting content.

So how to measure the performance of these signatures and their clickable banners? Letsignit offers dashboards that are both readable and accurate. A global view shows the number of clicks and clicked links, while a detailed view lists these clicks by user, signature and link. For a more detailed reading, you can use the advanced search: select a period, signature, or campaign and get corresponding performance. It’s also easy to filter this data to focus only on a particular group of users’ performance and RGPD compliant.

signatures mail dashboards statistique

Now you know exactly which employees generate the most leads. You also know which of your calls-to-action (CTA) perform the best. It’s then easy to prioritize which banner performs best to boost your marketing campaigns even more—a real virtuous circle. Thanks to a simple “UTM” setting (variables inserted in the URL), you can also compare the performance of your email signatures with other channels for the campaign (emails, posts on social networks, content hosted by third-party sites, sponsored links and more). This data can then be consulted from within Google Analytics.


4) How to differentiate email signatures for internal and external audiences?

Make sure that the platform you choose offers this rare but particularly useful feature: the possibility of creating different email signatures depending on whether the recipient belongs to the company or not.

The interest is twofold. On the one hand, it allows you to offer external recipients (customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, etc.) the banners that are most likely to interest them – sales promotion, participation in a trade show, white paper to download, etc. And on the other hand, to offer the company’s employees banners on current corporate topics: invitation to an event, adoption of a new tool, reminder to take time off, internal training, mentoring program, internal survey, etc.

Email signatures - marketing / communication banners - internal communications / change management

This internal banner is also the ideal place to promote a Wiki reminding employees about the company’s best practices and documentation on a daily basis or inviting them to an internal exchange forum, intranet, or social network. Gone are the days of constantly nagging employees about where they can find answers to their questions: now you regularly and automatically remind them of the source.

email signatures Banners mail, marketing, internal communication

The advantage is that this information is delivered directly to employees, without cluttering up their inboxes (unlike a dedicated email or a traditional newsletter). Many employees don’t read internal newsletters in much detail, but they do pay attention to the latest news presented in an automatically updated banner. This saves time for your HR team as well as for the IT department or internal communication managers.


5) How to make email signatures a conversational contact point?

Few email signature management platforms are so open to dialogue and conversation. Yet we’re often tempted during long email exchanges to pick up the phone to settle a point quickly. With a solution like Letsignit, it’s even easier: just add a Teams button to your signature. Anyone who clicks on it will be able to get in touch with you and start a Teams conversation or call with one click. It’s a particularly innovative feature—perfect for asking a question, addressing an urgent issue, or requesting quick clarification or step-by-step guidance. What’s more, it’s useful for your internal colleagues as well as those outside the organization.

Let's Switch To Teams Letsignit Teams

Also, to engage and encourage conversation, you can add a call-to-action to email signatures that link to employees’ agendas. This feature is relevant for all professions within the company, including sales representatives for attracting new prospects and customer service for remaining responsive.


6) How to orchestrate email signatures on a large scale?

This is a crucial point for large organizations: does the email signature platform allow delegation? For companies that have several thousand employees, it’s impossible to know which banner to assign to which person. This management must necessarily be delegated at a more local level, such as a BU or a country subsidiary. So turn to a solution that allows for fine-grained management and delegation of administration, to allocate the right email signatures to employees, depending on their location, department, function, and language.

Letsignit allows your different entities to open their own workspaces in order to create, assign, and manage email signatures autonomously, in just a few clicks. Simply segment your directory (by country, city, company, etc.) to create independent workspaces, then choose the administrator(s) who will manage those users’ signatures, and you’re done! The communication department can be sure the delegated administrators are using the right templates, and the IT department is also relieved of numerous exchanges with little added value.


7) How can such a SaaS solution help become more agile quickly?

Before choosing a SaaS platform, pay attention to the support it will offer you on a daily basis. Letsignit, for example, offers a very complete FAQ, available in three languages: French, English, and Spanish. It also offers phone support as well as a 24/5 chat to quickly answer your questions.

As you can see, a email signature management platform such as Letsignit offers advanced features. It’s enough to transform the few lines at the bottom of each email into a new marketing asset: a flexible, economical, efficient, and measurable channel. That’s powerful.

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