The email, a pillar of your communication strategy

Email is undoubtedly a must-have for brands to set up a system to communicate with their customers. With a very high ROI, it is considered as one of the cheapest marketing channels!

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The email, a pillar of your communication strategy

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The email, an essential low-cost communication channel.

  • 293 billion emails were sent every day in 2019
  • 3.9 billion email users in 2019: more than half of the world’s population
  • 5.6 billion mailboxes identified by the end of 2019

Emails affect everyone, everywhere. It is a permanent means of communication that remains the fundamental digital channel for addressing prospects or customers.


Capitalize on your daily emails at an opening rate close to 100%.

Professional 1to1 emails have an opening rate close to 100% while mass emailing only has an average opening rate of 29%.

An employee sends an average of 40 emails per day and receives 121.

These 40 emails sent to represent a real communication opportunity for the company! Above all, when you know that personalized targeting significantly increases engagement. Indeed, it is necessary for a brand to personalize all its exchanges as much as possible according to the context, experience, and objectives.


Thousands of targeted advertising opportunities.

Let’s take the example of a company with 100 employees that send on average 80,000 emails per month. These 80,000 emails represent a gold mine for the company, which they can easily and quickly capitalize on to enhance their image and boost their communication campaigns by broadcasting promotions, news, surveys, and events that are not to be missed.

“By capitalizing on our professional emails, we have increased the traffic to our website by 30%.”


Why use email signatures as a communication channel?

By choosing to include email signatures in their communication strategy, companies capitalize on a powerful, low-cost medium with a high ROI (4% clickthrough rate per campaign on average). Moreover, they capitalize on a media much less intrusive than mass emailing and much more targeted according to their interlocutors!

1to1 emails have every interest in repositioning as the heart of any communication strategy to win new customers and build their loyalty over the long term.


The best way to manage this type of strategy is to use a centralized platform like Letsignit: the easiest tool to create, assign, and manage email signatures and marketing banners!

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