Your signature. Your move.

Everyday email is one of the most influential communication channels there is. Transform your emails into a powerful asset with Letsignit.

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Major key features

Simple tool. Huge impact.

Stop getting worked up about your signatures! Leverage a centralized interface to easily create and manage the email signatures of all your employees.

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Bold your brand, brand your signature.

Take advantage of each email to broadcast and amplify your brand.
Letsignit helps you regain control over your digital identity. Harmonize 100% of your employee’s email signatures in just a few clicks!

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Emails are gold mines.

121 professional emails are received and 40 are sent everyday by an employee. With Letsignit, turn every email into a powerful communication opportunity: send the right message to the right person at the right time!

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THEY SHOW LOVE Valérie Blondeau, Communications Director of France TV Publicité « The mail signature designed by Letsignit, easily and quickly customizable, then becomes a formidable territory of expression. »