5 micro-moments where your email signature counts

In the context that our emails are even more present than ever in our daily communication, it is necessary to optimize each outgoing email of your company. Discover our 5 “email moments” where it is fundamental that the sender is correctly associated with the legitimacy of your company!


The kick-off email to introduce the parties involved in a project

With the goal of introducing all the protagonists of your project, this email should not be overlooked. More than just making sure that everyone is in line with the objectives and the means of deployment, the kick-off email is also intended to create a positive dynamic around the project and to give credibility to your team and structure.

Your brand identity has all the interest to be valorized and immediately identifiable in your email signatures.


The follow-up email to a prospect about to sign

You are about to sign a contract and you wish to follow-up with a prospect on the quote you had sent them. It is important that at the first sight of your email, the prospect knows exactly where it comes from and the content within it.

It is also necessary that this email has your brand identity as it is a perfect occasion to diffuse pre-sales content tailored to your recipient.  For example, you can add a banner to your email signature relaying a success story from one of your clients to reassure your prospect of your different competencies.

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The project progress email sent to a client

Sent in a timely manner, progress emails are essential to the success of any project. While they keep all parties informed of your progress, they are also proof that the project is continuing well and that your company is serious. 

At this moment, your email signature still has all its importance. It connects your report to your company and allows your client to quickly contact you if they need more information about your feedback

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Invitation to a VIP 1-to-1 event

You wish to send a personalized invitation to your VIP contacts. If you choose to send out a mass email you run the risk of losing authenticity in your message and approach. For an important message like this, you should add extra care to your message and make it as personal as possible.

The presence of a complete and uniform email signature will reinforce your 1-to-1 initiative. Your recipient will feel special and will welcome your invitation in the best way. Also, your brand visual identity will be valued and immediately recognizable.


The email to convince a candidate to join your company

A true graphic translation of your brand identity, your visual identity gives key information to a future candidate. If it is inconsistent in your exchanges, your company will lose credibility and seriousness.

If, on the contrary, it is neat and uniform across all your channels, the candidate will perceive the essence of your entity. Through this consistency, they will detect the strong corporate culture that you wish to convey and will be more likely to respond favorably to your offer. 

At the scale of an organization, outgoing emails can be counted by the thousands per month. The opportunities to enhance your brand identity are without limit. 

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