Brand Visual identity: how much should be left up to the employee?

When it comes to the visual identity of your brand, your employees are your best ambassadors. In fact, they are perceived as being 82% more credible and authentic as well as have 8 times more reach on social media when advocating your company. However, there are pitfalls to leaving your entire visual identity in your coworkers’ hands.


The issues of leaving your visual identity solely up to your employees

First, when designing your visual identity, it is important that you create an image that is recognizable, bold, creative, and a perfect representation of your brand personality. After all, it is what sets you apart from your competitors and the element that sticks in your customers’ minds. Therefore, it is important that it stays consistent – your customers should always know what to expect from you and can easily identify you. If too many of your employees have control over this image, you will certainly run into inconsistencies.

Take your employees’ emails for example. If each employee is left to insert the brand visual identity into their email signatures themselves, would they all look the same? The answer is most likely no. This is a common issue and one of the main ways companies hurt their visual identity. Take the example of Pace Center for Girls who used Letsignit to manage and unify their email signatures. Before turning to this solution, their employees’ email signatures had mismatched logos, random formatting, and personal “quotes of the month”. The result was unprofessional outgoing emails and a negative impact on their visual identity.


No clear guidelines can lead to employees’ own interpretation

Just as we mentioned before, if left to your employees, your visual identity can quickly become inconsistent. To combat this, it is important that you keep every employee on the same page. A clear set of rules and guidelines should be shared and always accessible. Think of making this information digital so that even when your employees are not at the office, they have a way of finding it.

It is not always easy to get this information to your employees. However, via your email, a channel your whole company uses, this can be easily achieved. Think of adding a banner to your employees’ email signature to internally promote the location of where they can find the visual identity guidelines. Likewise, by having each of their signatures branded with your visual identity, they have a direct view of the identity, every day. This is also critical in case your company changes its visual identity or any other important information. With an email signature solution, like Letsignit, it only takes one click to update this information for every member of the company.

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Your visual identity is used unprofessionally

Maybe your employees used your logo for personal use and the message they attached to it was not professional. This can have dire consequences on your brand. It is thus important for you to let your employees know when and how they can use your visual identity. Along with your guidelines, add a disclaimer which explains that your visual identity should be used for work purposes only and if they wish to use it outside of work it will need approval first.


The perfect harmony between your visual identity and your employees

Of course, you should have trust in your employees to carry your visual identity proudly. However, having marketing resource management (MRM) or digital asset management (DAM) tools implemented and overseen by your Brand Manager adds that extra layer of security in guaranteeing it is used professionally and methodically. A great tool is Pickit which allows you to share images, templates, and documents with your employees. With this solution, you can also track the performance and optimize how your visual identity is used. Your customers will always know who you are and what your brand personality is.

Another tool is Letsignit which allows you to manage your employees’ email signatures and keep track as well as defend your visual identity, daily. With this SaaS solution, you can guarantee that every employee is 100% properly representing your brand in an efficient way. Letsignit has already been used by many international companies to help them in this task:

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