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Just like Sephora, Pernod Ricard, LVMH, Suez and other large account enterprises, efficiently unify your email signatures. Thanks to a simple & secured very powerful tool, be assured that the image diffused by your colleagues respects your organization.

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We accompany large enterprises.

SubsidiariesDedicated to ensuring a 100% adapted user experience, Letsignit offers the subsidiaries feature to manage different branches in a siloed manner based on criteria such as country, company, department, or city. Different admins can be defined for optimal management.

Letsignit offers specialized engineers to assist you in pre-sales and during all phases of deployment of the solution.

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We are certified Microsoft GOLD.

We are experts in developing solutions that are fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365. As a Gold Partner, we benefit from privileged support by Microsoft teams. This allows us to be at the forefront of new products and techniques.


Our Azure infrastructure is global and secure.

We are extended to host businesses around the world with our highly scalable 100% cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure: stationed in 5 regions, High Availability Multi-Region, Local Peering for load time optimization, 24/7 support, and standby.

Letsignit data centers

GDPR forever

GDPR, We ❤️ you.

At your disposal are technical and organizational procedures to ensure the protection of data from the design of our products, the implementation of privacy protection standards and the possibility for individuals to have more control over their personal data. This concerns our infrastructure, our products, the creation of clients' accounts, the transfer of data outside of the EU.

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They ❤️ us
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