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Michel Creuzot: Letsignit changes the way we use communication

When the company, Michel Creuzot, had chosen Letsignit at the end of 2018 to manage their email signatures, a minimum of effort was necessary to make the tool operational, for a maximum of resultsNew ways to communicate, save time, increase traffic to their website…Discover how Letsignit has transformed the company’s practices.


How was life before Letsignit?

Before, I somehow managed the email signatures through Outlook. To make the signatures as homogeneous as possible, I had set up a procedure. It allowed all employees to benefit from a basic signature with a clickable image.

The management via Outlook was very difficult and time-consuming. In addition, the image was of poor quality because it had to be reduced to not weigh down the email. And I had no way of checking for updates. In short, the management was a bit archaic!


And now, what has changed?

We needed to be able to manage all the signatures from a dedicated platform that is easy to use. Letsignit is really a time saver, setting up a marketing campaign only takes me 20 minutes. Another advantage: to spread a uniformed external communication via all the Michel Creuzot websites. The tool also allows me to report on different campaigns.

Discover Letsignit

michel creuzot email signature banner


Can you give us an example of a recent campaign that worked well?

Recently, a campaign had received great results, it was a promotional breakfast! It had a total of 114 clicks. Also, our Letsignit signatures allow us to augment traffic to our website, for example, we had a total of 141 clicks this month.

how to measure campaign clicks


As a Letsignit administrator, do you have advice on how to use the solution?

My method is to regularly update the communication banner in order to not bore the recipients. One general campaign (that I assign to all employees) should not last more than 2 months.  I juggle with communicating the different events that we organize or the diverse innovative services that we launch. The banners are highly anticipated and allow me to communicate in an institutional way (for example seasonal greetings).

The communication can also be punctual according to the demand of a manager of certain services (payroll, legal, advice, etc.) for more targeted action.


How was it implementing Letsignit?

It took us some time in the beginning because we had to install the solution on all our servers and update the ensemble of profiles. The implementation was successful thanks to the guidance of the Letsignit team. They were very responsive, efficient, and friendly! Today, the employees appreciate the automated management of their signatures even if it took a small period to familiarize themselves with the tool, it was necessary for some!

michel creuzot email signature banner

Can you describe Letsignit in 3 words?

Innovative, practical, and easy to use.

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About Michel Creuzot

Created in 1922 and based in Gien (45), Michel Creuzot offers business services to companies in compatibility expertise and advice (management, tax, corporate law, social law, payroll, and assets). The company has 160 employees and 13 associates spread over 12 locations in Loiret and the Île-de-France region.

Its vocation: simplify business managementHumanity, listening, innovation, and confidence are their values which are part of the DNA of the company and are applied to the customer relationship as well as internally.


*Michel Creuzot is a member of France Défi, the leading French group of chartered accountants and independent auditors.

Testimony given by Laure MARTIN, Marketing and Communication Manager at Michel Creuzot.

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