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Letsignit helps AMT in becoming RTM

Metropolitan Transportation Network of Montréal (RTM) used its Letsignit email signatures to broadcast its name change. Discover more about how easy the process was and the positive responses from their employees!

How long have you been using Letsignit?

Almost 2 years now.

We used to have “handmade” signatures by the IT support team. There was an automatic script that retrieved the person’s information to make the signature. We chose Letsignit to simplify management. We had frequent requests from employees about changes in their signature information. Luckily, the solution allows us to organize and simplify things. We were able to offer an identical corporate image for everyone, first for our AMT name and then for RTM.

We changed our name in June 2017 following a Quebec government law. Before we were the AMT (Metropolitan Transport Agency) and we are now the RTM (Metropolitan Transportation Network). We deal mainly with the management of passenger transport and mainline trains in the Montreal area.


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Has Letsignit been part of the AMT name change strategy from the beginning?

This was not the main reason, but it was also taken into account because we already knew that we were going to change our name but we could not talk about it with our suppliers yet. We integrated the solution and we asked you a few months ago if it was possible and how to do it. Then we saw that it was done easily and that there was no need to make big changes. Letsignit even simplified the management of this name change because we could improve the distribution of signatures and review the basic organization that we had done too quickly.


How would you describe our solution in 3 words?

Simple, effective, and aesthetic. It’s easy to apply a brand change for an entire organization. Once the signatures are created, deployment to all the posts is very easy.


What do you think of the support during the implementation of the solution?

The support was effective and you have been very responsive. We had some issues that were resolved fairly quickly. Most of all, we had an excellent follow-up. We are very happy with the support you give us.


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Can you explain in more detail how Letsignit helped to divide the AMT into 2 entities (ARTM and RTM)?

First, we submitted the change that was coming, then, you accompanied us in this change by integrating the email signature templates that we sent to you (and sometimes even a little last minute) because we also had emergencies on our side.


At the business level, what do you like most about using this product?

In particular, the management of the users. One of the essential points of the solution: you can manage the signature user by user but also globally.


What has changed in the company?

The communication department, in particular with the local press, was able to demonstrate the change of the corporate image instantly. Between May 31 and June 1, everything was done automatically, without waiting and without particular care. 


What was the reaction of employees internally following this change?

The management team wanted it to be transparent to everyone. The change of signature and name went well.


Concerning your job, what did it change?

The important point is that we can give users access so that they can edit certain parts of their signature independently. We have added a field called “courtesy formula” for people who want to announce their departure on vacation for example. All they have to do is fill in the information so that their signature is updated. Also, we are thinking of developing a possibility for other needs in the future to give even more autonomy to the end-users, for example, the telephone field.


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Interview with François Simansour, System and Network Administrator of the RTM – Québec.


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