What are the best SaaS tools for content creation?

What are the best SaaS tools for content creation?

Content marketing offers an unavoidable opportunity to attract new customers, retain existing ones and build a relationship of trust with them. But it requires resources and patience: content marketing is a demanding process, creating quality content requires time and specific skills. It is also essential to surround yourself with the right tools. Visuals and short videos for social networks, podcasts, email signatures… What SaaS solutions can you use?

Creating successful visuals


Canva board

Canva allows you to create all kinds of visual content—for the web, social networks, or print. This platform appeals first through its ease of use and large library of templates that can be modified directly on the site. Simply choose a design and drag and drop different elements to create the content of your choice.

The possibilities are plentiful:

  • Web: blog banner
  • Social networks: Facebook and Instagram posts, stories
  • Video: animations, short videos for social media
  • Marketing Assets: flyers, logos, business cards
  • Documents: presentations, brochures, computer graphics, newsletters

The primary goal here is to be able to use the same theme on any support, gain consistency, and develop your brand identity. For those reasons, Canva has become a multitasking tool par excellence. One competitor with similar offerings, Crello, has risen from the crowd.

Find professional quality images

Good visuals mean good quality source files. Professional images and photos can really help make your content more appealing, while a poorly cropped or pixelated photo ruins a publication and tarnishes your brand image. While some companies have their own photographers or a dedicated photo library, many have to explore other avenues. There is a ready-made solution: image banks.

Some of these are fee-based, but there are also royalty-free image banks that are sufficient for many needs. The best ones offer keyword search, photos in different resolutions (low, medium, or high), different formats as well as download history.

  • Pixabay: offers an archive of more than a million photos on various subjects, as well as some vector images, illustrations; and videos (some of which, for a fee, link to the Shutterstock site).
  • Unsplash: offers quality photos posted by an enlightened community. You can sort them by theme (collections), follow photographers, or use the integrated search engine.
  • Pexels: another site that gathers royalty-free images available under the Creative Commons license. They can therefore be downloaded and used for commercial purposes.

Another site you should know about, the aggregator Allthefreestock, grants you access to dozens of image banks from its homepage. You can switch from one site to another without wasting time looking for your ideal photo on other image banks.

Create infographics

To highlight figures, percentages, or visually translate key information, an infographic is often relevant. It spreads messages in a very clear and readable way, while demonstrating the brand’s expertise. An infographic also has a strong viral power. Another benefit is that it helps you easily repurpose content. Turn a blog post into an infographic and post it on your favorite social networks or distribute it in a newsletter, for example.

Several tools can help you create successful infographics. Among them, Piktochart allows you to work from several templates or by creating your infographic from scratch. You’ll find the same approach at Easel.Ly, where you can start from a base and add images, texts, or statistics in an intuitive way.

Making video montages

Videos remain the flagship content of a social media strategy. They’re favored by algorithms and appreciated by audiences—two reasons that explain their strong, viral power. All that limits their use are time and skills. There are now many applications to help you, such as YouCut or Quik. Adobe also offers an online editing solution with SparkVideo. The tool integrates different themes and templates that can be easily customized. Perfect for making clips, tutorials, and video presentations. For mobile devices, the editor app Spark Post allows you to create videos for social media.

Survey your audience

There are several SaaS solutions for creating surveys and questionnaires. Among the best known, SurveyMonkey comes in handy for creating surveys and analyzing their results in real-time. The same goes for Typeform, which offers a multitude of designs and relies on drag and drop to customize its questionnaires.

Produce and distribute podcasts

The popularity of podcasts has multiplied in recent years: in the United States alone, the audience now reaches 55% of the adult population, that is, 155 million people who listen to more than six hours per week on average. Do you want to ride this wave and create your own podcast? Consider what follows.

In terms of content, themes, issues, duration, and frequency are essential factors, and in terms of delivery, a good microphone and careful editing are essential. For this last point, Audacity has proven itself. This free, open-source, and multiplatform audio editor covers all the necessary functions. For broadcasting, alongside the major platforms (Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify, Youtube…), other solutions exist (Acast, Podbean, Anchor), which are distinguished by the bandwidth offered or the audience measurement functions.

Orchestrating email signatures

As part of a lead generation strategy, or simply to ensure consistency and brand image of your company, it’s important to pay attention to each email you send—including the precious email signature. From now on, you can exploit this content channel thanks to a signature management solution like Letsignit. The goal is to transform these signatures into a smart and agile marketing channel.

With just a few clicks, you can integrate attractive banners that link to a call to action to your site, a blog article, a white paper to download, a podcast, or an invitation to an event. With a SaaS solution, you can also find these email signatures on any device since they are managed and stored in the cloud.

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