Infographic 2021: Best Channels & Ideas To Engage Your Employees

With the rise of telecommuting or as we call it “working from home”, the links between companies and employees are changing. Working from home often means more complex exchanges. So, more than ever, it is crucial, even vital, to get your employees to participate or to get engaged around common values and common projects.


Employee engagement: the impact working from home has on their engagement

· 43% of employees have teleworked at least partially, mid-April 2021
· 47% of employees feel isolated
· 90% of employees do not feel engaged in their work

In this context, developing and maintaining effective internal communication becomes even more crucial than before. If internal communication allows you to pass on the right messages at the right time, it also and above all allows you to engage your employees over time. To get them involved, to develop their sense of belonging to the company and to unite them.

But with the rise of employees working from home, it is becoming majorly difficult to get your employees’ attention.


Which communication channels should be used to cultivate employee engagement?

For communication and marketing professionals, the levers to acquire and retain new customers are well identified. These means are often orchestrated within the framework of a marketing funnel to accompany the customer throughout his life cycle.

But what about channels that are fully dedicated to internal communication? Which ones should be used to capture the attention of employees?

In addition to the online/offline distinction that is currently tending to disappear, these “channels” or touch points can easily be classified into two categories. On the one hand, there are “synchronous” touch points, which enable real-time interaction; on the other hand, there are “asynchronous” touch points, which do not involve a direct response. The first one has a tendency of appearing as an obstacle to employee productivity, while the other offers the opportunity to regain control over one’s schedule.

01. Newsletters
It is expected and allows to maintain the link between the employees. But it is a 100% top-down touch point as it does not involve any interaction.
The + side: Allows to create appointments
The – side: Top-Down communication

02. Meetings
Whether it takes place physically or digitally, it is irreplaceable, but harder to integrate into a communication plan.
The + side: Optimal interactivity
The – side: Synchronous and time consuming


The 1to1 email and the email signature: 2 unsuspected but very powerful touchpoints

Your employees spend an average of 28% of their working day answering and sending emails.

Engage your employees where they spend the most time: in their emails.

Discover how to capitalize on the first communication channel in the company!

03. The 1to1 email
An employee receives an average of 121 emails and sends 40 emails per day. With an open rate of almost 100%, the professional email is a particularly effective touch point.
The + : Asynchronous and informal
The – : Can get lost in the flow

04. The email signatures
Here we are talking about a particular section: the professional email signature. The advantage is that this email signature can integrate an internal communication banner. It is present in all emails, and not only in the emails of managers for example
The + side: Present in every internal email
The – side: Not personalized with a non-automated management

If email signatures are more and more used for external communication, their potential to serve internal communication is not less!


A new feature dedicated to internal communication

Although they are not yet 100% democratized, tools to manage and centralize the management of your company’s email signatures do exist.

At Letsignit, as a precursor and leader on the market, we are constantly looking to improve our tool in order to respond to business issues and their evolution.

Thus, we have developed a functionality dedicated to internal communication. If our platform allows the integration and the attribution of banners for external audience in the email signatures, it will soon be possible to target them even more precisely.

Thanks to our internal banner scheduling feature, there is no need for a long and risky communication plan. All your internal emails will be broadcasting messages that are important to your employees. You capture the audience as a whole and all types of employees (remote, freelance, etc.).

In addition, you create a culture of operational excellence. You share the company’s strategy in real time to limit misunderstandings, duplication, and indecision.


5 banner ideas to incorporate into your email signatures to engage your employees

1. Create a suggestion box
Each employee can submit their initiatives to improve the life of the company.

2. Launch a call for projects
More than an idea, the call for projects offers employees the opportunity to formalize a concrete project.

3. Conduct a survey
To find out your employee satisfaction and expectations.

4. Entertain with a quiz
It can be a question about current events, the company’s history, a new project, sports, culture.

5. Establish a mentoring program
To associate an experienced employee with a younger one, helping to guide the latter in their career.


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