How to manage email signatures when migrating from On-Premise to Office 365?

A common problem

Companies that are in the process of migrating from On-Premise towards Cloud servers, often find themselves restricted when using 3rd party solutions.

For example, with some email signature solutions, it may be difficult to implement because of where the mailboxes are stored during migration. Some mailboxes may be in the Cloud server meanwhile others are stored in Exchange. To configure the solution for the mailboxes stored in different locations, the process becomes complicated, quickly. Often, the user will need to create two separate accounts. Purchase separate subscription licenses for each, and manage them on different platforms. 

Discover Letsignit


Letsignit, a simple and efficient hybrid solution

With Letsignit you can easily manage hybrid configurations between Office 365 and Exchange servers or other local directories, all from one single administration platform. No need to create two accounts and no need to exclude mailboxes.

Your company will benefit from Letsignit email signatures by synchronizing the user database from a cloud directory or On-Premise directory. While still using Exchange servers or cloud to relay emails.

Moreover, there are 3 different deployment methods. Users can see and choose their signature (with the Letsignit app for Outlook) as they compose their emails.

The Letsignit admin has complete control over which users can be attributed to a license. The quota is not based on emails passing through our servers but rather on who has an active signature.


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