Reselling Microsoft 365: The Incredible Value of Bundling

What’s another word for “itemize”? Invitation.

That’s right. For MSPs reselling Microsoft 365, itemizing a proposal or an invoice is an invitation to your customer to shop your prices on every item to see if they can “get it for less.” You’d like to think they won’t do that if they value your service, but they may go ahead and shop you anyway just to confront you for a lower price.

The reality is that customers don’t buy individual items from an MSP. They buy solutions. They buy something that will do something for them. Take a simple example like a camera monitoring a premises, or something general like creating spreadsheets for analysis of a business. No matter what it is, the fact remains that the customer is buying what it does, not what it is. They’re not buying the camera. Instead, they’re buying the value of monitoring for bad actors. They’re not buying the spreadsheets. but the insight into their business to help them manage it better.


Itemize Functionality

You may feel compelled to itemize. Perhaps you feel driven to provide every possible detail. Maybe you fear your customer won’t think your proposal is complete if it isn’t itemized.

If you must itemize, consider itemizing the functionalities your solution will provide. Here, the more bullets you add, the more value you display. Instead of, “This costs this, and this costs this,” your customer hears, “You get this value, and you get this value, and you gain this advantage.” The more functionalities you itemize, the more powerful your pitch becomes.

As an example, let’s say you’re proposing a messaging solution. You’re offering e-mail service on a cloud platform that can be used on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Plenty of flexible access. You’re also incorporating bulk e-mail delivery capability to protect your customer’s domain. The solution includes calendaring, and you’re adding in automation so others can see your customer’s schedule and reserve time for meetings.


That’s all pretty standard stuff, so how do MSPs reselling Microsoft 365 differentiate their offering?

Go proactive and build better bundles. Include Letsignit e-mail signature management solution to your Microsoft 365 bundle, which will create great branding consistency across every user and enable your client to incorporate marketing messages along with every e-mail they send out. They can include banners, buttons, and other call-to-actions to make it easy for their customers to take them up on every offer, and it’s all easily integrated from a simple cloud console. Letsignit is only a small addition to the cost of the overall solution and it adds tremendous value, creating a totally different character to the offering and truly setting you apart from your competition.

By itself, Letsignit is a terrific service to offer. Added to your Microsoft 365 bundle, it’s a powerful differentiator.


The Incredible Value of Value

Whenever you write to a customer, or speak with them, or communicate with them in any way, speak in the language of the “value” you bring as an MSP. Customers are not just buying Microsoft technology from you; they’re investing in the value that you as an MSP can provide them. Everything you say must be said in the context of the customer. When you speak of a brand-promoting service like Letsignit, you are deep in the heart of that context.

Itemize value, not price.


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