Microsoft Reseller: Differentiate or Disappear

How do MSPs reselling Microsoft 365 stand out above the competition? The answer is far more important to your future than any other. You need to carefully define your sustainable competitive advantages, your own “secret sauce.”


It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Here’s an exercise to prove just how difficult it is to identify your differentiators:

  • Get a healthy cross-section of your teams into a room.

  • Ask everyone to identify something that is true of your company that cannot be said to be true of any competitors.

  • Prepare for an onslaught. Your folks will list quality after quality, advantage after advantage. Do not discuss them as they are given; just list them on the flipchart. When you fill a page, remove it and tape it to a nearby wall. Keep going until everyone is exhausted coming up with all that “sets you apart” from the competition.
  • Now, go line by line and ask your team to make sure that each quality can’t be attributed to anyone but you. When they acknowledge that, no, other competitors do also have that quality, scratch it off the page. Keep going until you’ve scratched off every quality originally listed, because you almost certainly will.

When you think about it, there are precious few qualities that are unique to any one company. Identifying your differentiator, your sustainable competitive advantage, is a beast.


It May Be in the Little Things

Think about the restaurants you frequent. Many serve the same cuisine. Why do you choose one over the other? It could be that one serves a twist on an appetizer, or you favor a particular server. You may not realize it, but that small difference may be what keeps you coming back. Small differences mean a lot.

When it comes to technology services, there are similar small things that mean a lot to your customers.  A technology expert who can advise them on how to cost-effectively contract needed software, for example. Even the look of your invoices may cue strong responses.

Some of those things may be hard to predict or even perceive, but you need to have them. There needs to be things about working with you that make you preferable, even on a subconscious level.


Showing Concern

The concern you show for the health of your customers may be one of these elements. Many of your competitors are all about price and delivery – “How many do you need, and how soon do you need them?” – with no real concern beyond the completion of a sale.

You, on the other hand, can show concern about important values that quietly impress your customers. Concerns like consistency. Every company wants to be consistent in product or service delivery, sure, but also in the way their people appear to, and conduct themselves with, customers.


Subtle But Effective

By now, you appreciate the subtlety of the relationship-building strategies we’ve described. People do business with people, and they do more business with people they feel good about.

Letsignit is a simple service MSPs can add to their offerings to create this subtle difference. With Letsignit’s e-mail signature management platform, you will add value to the one thing your customers do the most: communicate. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor, personalized templates and 100 percent compatibility with Outlook and Microsoft 365, your customers can deploy marketing messages with every e-mail.

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And with Letsignit’s partner program, MSPs reselling Microsoft 365 have an opportunity to leverage Letsignit’s Microsoft expertise to develop a program that’s right for you. Here are three partner benefits:

  • 50 free licenses to experience the value of the platform.

  • Dedicated support from the partner portal or direct from a customer success agent.

  • Training, certifications and marketing materials to help you succeed.

To learn more, speak with us. Let us show you how some of your competitors have improved their market dominance by leveraging our strategies.


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