Email Signatures: Seven Cases for Change Management

Email Signatures: Seven Cases for Change Management

Email signatures are an internal communications tool perfectly suited to change management. Illustrated in seven concrete examples.

Any significant change presents a challenge for a business. It’s therefore a matter of building a complete strategy with a dedicated timetable and guiding teams through change using well-designed communication.

Email signatures can be a powerful ally for change management—especially since the most advanced solutions (like Letsignit) allow you to create signatures specifically for internal recipients. This makes email signature an additional channel for internal communications, and very useful when a company needs to transition. This is because the signature offers real, editorialized, and visually interesting content that’s rich in information. All you need to do is include a CTA directing to a web page—perfect for reaching employees. Here are a few examples of messages that can be presented this way.

Practical Case #1: Announce a webinar to initiate change

Change management is part of a long-term reflection and is deployed through a carefully-planned strategy. To share this vision and convince employees of its relevance, it may be a good idea to organize a kick-off in the form of a webinar. This brings all the company’s forces together presents them with the new direction, and outlines the reasons for this choice, the steps that will take place, employee expectations, and support. It’s also the occasion to answer questions and reassure in the event of possible objections.

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Practical Case #2: Invitation to progress meetings

Progress meetings are essential to support the change while maintaining team motivation. If announced in advance via email signature, they’ll be clearly visible, with objectives known in advancerealistic, clear, and achievable. Ideal for motivating employees to attend!

From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, there’s no shortage of solutions for organizing these steps easily at a low cost. Once the platform has been chosen, the content will need to be refined: PowerPoint presentation, live demonstration, participatory workshops, and more. The chosen format will depend on the objective.

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Practical Case #3: Announce training sessions

Supporting employees’ skill development, training them on new tools and processes, explaining all the stages of a project, presenting a dedicated space, but also dispelling fears and responding to doubts… Training and change management go hand in hand. The ideal: alternate collective sessions (the whole company watches a presentation) and small-group workshops. This is a big task, but a necessary one to accelerate the transition and changes undertaken.

Announcing this type of training via email signature also helps include remote employees in the company’s transformation and can provide them with practical, ready-to-use tips and tricks.

email banner change management training sessions - email signatures

Practical Case #4: Reminders for important deadlines

Going live on a new platform, switching from one solution to another, relocating teams, launching a new public offer… Certain dates should be marked with a milestone. Email signatures help all employees stay on the same page. Those responsible for the transformation can share scheduled, understandable, and quantified objectives. Removing doubts and dispelling uncertainties helps all employees move in the right direction.

Questions about timing? Just open your email for the answer.

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Practical Case #5: Publish a poll

Collecting feedback is a prerequisite for success to ensure that employees embrace change and have the means to adapt to the new guidelines. 

Satisfaction, understanding, specific questions: regular internal surveys provide valuable information and help you tailor a tool’s functionality or improve your program based on feedback. There’s no need to be too detailed. Sometimes, this can be done in one question (“Are you satisfied with the implementation of our new ERP? YES/NO”).

email banner change management survey teams - email signatures

Practical Case #6: Celebrate milestones…

There’s nothing like quick results to transform a business, so it’s useful for change managers to determine intermediate objectives and then announce, via email signatures, that they have been achieved. Celebrating big and small victories encourages everyone to realize that change is possible for the team and company, and that progress can continue successfully. From preparing for deployment to analyzing results, each element can be a valuable contribution to the project’s success over time.

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Practical Case #7: …And thank team members

Successful turnaround, completed process, customer satisfaction with the new business proposal… Don’t hesitate to acknowledge and show appreciation for team members’ efforts. If they feel valued and recognized, they will be more likely to maintain their commitment and motivation.

email banner change management survey - email signatures

Companies can make use of a consistent email signature reserved for internal recipients, which is particularly useful in times of change. A simple banner to promote a change? Welcome to the last tool you’ll need.

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