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With Letsignit, Vinci Construction manages its email signatures at scale

With Letsignit, Vinci Construction manages its email signatures at scale

How can you manage email signatures at scale for a company with tens of thousands of employees? All while lightening the load for IT, marketing, and communications departments? Vinci Construction was able to solve this equation with Letsignit.

This France-based subsidiary of the VINCI group specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of transport infrastructure and urban development has nearly 24,000 employees in 145 branches. At this scale, it’s no surprise that signature management is an essential part of ensuring coherent and efficient digital communication.

Guarantee consistent email signatures

Like the rest of the VINCI group, Vinci Construction is very decentralized,”
explains Maxence Naouri, Director of Communications at Vinci Construction.

“We have several brands tied to the regions we operate in and to our various other activities. Until now, we hadn’t been able to find a solution that allowed us to standardize our email signatures while preserving the identity of our different entities.

In this context, the deployment of a solution to take advantage of a global, centralized but adaptive management of email signatures became obvious.

“For us, it was clear that we needed to find a universal, centralized, and flexible signature management tool. Letsignit first won us over with its web interface. It’s designed with communications teams in mind, allowing them to create model signatures and assign them to groups of users according to their department, role, etc. It also has the option of showing communication banners that announce company news.”


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Respond to IT challenges

Once the Comms team is convinced, the solution also needs to win over the IT department, so  Letsignit’s security and integrability pass review.

“Several factors made the difference,” summarizes Julien Bonvin, Head of Digital & Mobile Apps at Vinci Construction. “The partnership with Microsoft ensures easy integration with Office 365 and GDPR compliance. It’s easy to implement—for administrators and team members alike, there are very few questions and adding the signatures is painless.”

Letsignit connects directly to the existing company directory and offers several deployment scenarios, allowing you to choose the one that corresponds best to Vinci Construction’s security standards. The program is hosted on an Azure infrastructure in France.

One key point that satisfies both the Comms team and IT department is the delegation of administration. In an organization like Vinci Construction, a central authority may not have sufficient (or up to date) information to decide which signature to allocate to whom. This management must be transferred to the local level—a branch or an individual BU, for example. Letsignit allows for a detailed management of this delegation. The communications department can be confident that managing directors are using the right signature models, and the IT department is spared from numerous individual low value-added exchanges.

The Holy Grail: no user action required

Early feedback from the field highlights the solution’s easy integration into work environments. “Not requiring any user action is a key factor: more than anything, our users don’t want to deal with managing a new solution,” adds Julien Bonvin.

In this context, the return on investment should be measured in multiple dimensions. Both IT and communications teams will experience significantly increased productivity. External communication will become more consistent, and therefore more powerful.

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