Deploy thousands of email signatures in 3 clicks with the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook!

The Letsignit Add-in: the 1st email signature add-in for Outlook co-developed directly with Microsoft R&D teams!


With our new Add-in, deploying your email signatures to all your employees is even easier. Directly integrated into the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) admin console, you can rely on a solution that will satisfy both your IT teams and your end-users.

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Deploy email signatures
in only 3 steps

Create your fully customized on-brand email signatures and assign to all users in a segmented way for your subsidiaries, groups or countries with the centralized Letsignit platform.
Publish the Letsignit Outlook Add-in to the users of your choice, directly from the Microsoft 365 (Office 365)Ā  administration center, without the need to install an application on all workstations.
The Add-in is then directly installed on usersā€™ Microsoft accounts (Outlook desktop and OWA), who can now effortlessly benefit from Letsignit across all workstations.

Juan Balmori Microsoft Senior Program Manager
Juan Balmori

Senior Program Manager

Ā« Letsignit has been an amazing partner for the Office Extensibility team because they helped not only to design but also to be pioneers in building and testing solutions using our new Signature APIs and event-activated Outlook Add-ins.

Key features

Letsignit Add-in : Best-in-class collaboration

Best-in-class collaboration
Developed directly with Microsoft R&D teams, the Letsignit Add-in is 100% integrated into the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) ecosystem.

Letsignit Add-in : Best-in-class collaboration

Seamless authentication
No action is required from end-users thanks to transparent authentication linked to the Microsoft 365 account & connected through the Azure Active Directoryā€™s multi-tenant App.

Letsignit Add-in : 100% secure data

100% secure data
Letsignit integrates into the token validation process provided by Microsoft to ensure the security of the exchanges. All communications between the Add-in and the Letsignit APIs are made through HTTPS & authenticated exchanges.

Letsignit Add-in : Flexibility assured

Flexibility assured
Users can consult and update their contact details directly through the Add-in (with permissions), without altering the information contained in the organizationā€™s Active Directory.

Letsignit Add-in : Automatically lightened signatures

Automatically lightened signatures
for reply/forward cases.Ā A way to limit repetitive communications and reduce the weight of your emails.

Letsignit Add-in : Multi-signature management

Multi-signature management

employees can choose the most relevant signature and campaign according to their recipients… Coming soon: target specific campaign for internal or external recipient.

98% of customer satisfaction
from over 600,000 users!

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