Amplify your brand and marketing campaigns

With Letsignit email signature solution, put your brand at the heart of your communication.

Make every point of contact count by broadcasting your marketing campaigns in your email signatures and thus in every email, you send.

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Create and deploy harmonized, up-to-date signatures

Thanks to our wide choice of templates and our Drag & Drop Designer, you can create 100% branded and secured email signatures in a few clicks.

Assign them to the desired employees and deploy them to all their devices.​

No more technical snafus when a new employee arrives: synchronization with your corporate directory (Azure AD or local directory) automatically reflects your updates in your email signatures!​


Turn your email signatures into a communication channel

121 professional emails are received, and 40 are sent by an employee every day. Your 1to1 emails are an effective way to multiply your campaigns’ impact in a targeted, non-intrusive, and cost-effective way! ​

Create ultra-precise segmentations on the platform and assign specific campaigns according to your internal and external audience. This way, your email signatures become your best allies to engage your employees, your customers and your partners while generating new opportunities!


Track the performance of your campaigns and signatures

Letsignit is a complete solution to report on your actions. Thanks to our integrated statistics dashboard, measure the volume of clicks on your campaigns and signatures over specific periods, export your data and analyze them to be always more efficient!​

​Added perk: the traffic your email signatures generate from Letsignit campaigns automatically appears in your Google Analytics console.

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Email signature banner communication campaign - marketing-recruitment
Email signature banner communication campaign - marketing-product launch
Email signature banner communication campaign - marketing-events
Email signature banner communication campaign - marketing-news
Email signature banner communication campaign - marketing-surveys
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Our key features
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Create and customize email signatures
from templates or the Letsignit Designer

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Creation of campaigns via the insertion
of marketing banners (internal or external)

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Signature & campaign
performance statistics

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Management of multiple email signatures
and optimized response/transfer signatures

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Ability to block attribute
changes for users

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Support via the help center, online chat,
and telephone support

Start strengthening your brand identity ​
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The questions you have.
Can we have multiple email signatures per employee?

Of course! Letsignit completely adapts to your needs.
To answer inevitable multi-mail, multi-brand, or multi-language scenarios, your marketing department can assign as many email signatures as they want to users. By naming them in different ways, they can choose the most appropriate one directly from their email signature library before sending their emails.​

Can I import an HTML email signature on Letsignit?

With our expert mode, you can design the email signature of your dreams down to the pixel. You import your HTML code and then preview the email signature directly in the platform before deploying it to your employees.

How does synchronization with our internal directory work?

Whether you have chosen an Azure AD, G Suite, or local directory, it only takes a few clicks to synchronize your directory with Letsignit. Find out below how to make sure your information is updated automatically:

Is this offering compliant with the RGPD?

Of course! Letsignit is 100% RGPD compliant. You can find all our measures in our general Terms and Conditions and our SLA, which will be provided to you when you contact our team.

What support do you offer?

Our support team is available 24/24 weekdays via
our chat or directly by email: