Onboarding: the first step is the most important
We have integrated a new customer onboarding into the Letsignit platform:

Thanks to the feedback of our customers, taking charge of the solution can be done in 3 easy steps. Customers can now create their profile, their first signature and diffuse the signature to their e-mails with ease.

The first impression is vital when it comes to introducing a new customer to a product. It is the moment that determines whether they will use the product consistently or will forget it and leave. Putting in place a proper customer onboarding process is fundamental to retaining them and creating that great first impression.


What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the activity of introducing a customer to a product or service. It is an important step after the sale that sets the tone for the relationship between the two. Most importantly, it shows the value of the product while orienting the customer towards their goal.


Why use customer onboarding?

Nearly 75% of users are lost within the first week* of trying a product. They churn (actively cancel) because of not understanding the product or seeing the value.

Onboarding ensures that the customer sees and experiences the value for themselves in a simple and seamless way. It guides them through the platform and demonstrates the aspects that they originally signed-up for.


How to successfully onboard a customer?

Keep it simple: onboarding should be broken down in easy-to-do steps that guide the customer to their goal and first success.

Show progress: seeing the finish line is the best motivator to complete a race. A tool that shows the customer’s progression and how much left they have to go will encourage them to start and finish the onboarding process.

Make it optional: some people prefer to figure it out for themselves. Providing a ‘skip’ button allows the user to make the onboarding process as personal to them as possible. 



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