The simplest solution for managing your email signatures in G Suite.

Discover the go-to email signature management solution for G Suite. A simple and super effective tool for harmonizing your signatures and transforming them into a powerful communication asset.


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The richest solution.

Perfectly integrated

Perfectly integrated into G Suite.

All the users automatically benefit from a signature in all their Gmail emails from any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.).

Everything is automatic.

Everything is automatic.

Each time an email is opened, the signature is automatically added and updated. The user visualizes their signature before sending.

Your signatures are 100% branded.

Your signatures are 100% branded.

Create your signatures using the Letsignit templates and personalize them thanks to the Drag & Drop editor. For the experts, import HTML code. You have no limit to the number of signatures created.

Take advantage of a powerful marketing tool.

Take advantage of a powerful marketing tool.

Insert banners into your signatures to amplify your marketing. Thanks to programming, choose which campaign to send, at which moment, from any colleague! You can then follow the performance of your campaigns thanks to the dedicated analytics tool.

Letsignit transforms each email sent by your colleagues into a targeted marketing campaign.

Amplify the impact of your messages 🚀

Adding a promotional banner to your emails is an excellent way to generate traffic to your website and add more visibility to your campaigns. The usage cases are infinite: discover here.

Boost your ROI 📈

The signature is one of the best levers to reach your target effectively. The 1to1 email opening rate is close to 100% with a click rate close to 3% versus only a 20% opening rate for traditional mass emailing.

We make it easy

The simplest solution for G Suite in the world.

Setting a signature with the Letsignit solution is very simple. Thanks to the synchronization of your G Suite Directory, all your users’ information are automatically prefilled. In just a few clicks, you can deploy your email signatures on all your devices thanks to our native G Suite connectors.

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