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The Groupe Argus takes control of their image with Letsignit

For the last 4 years, the Groupe Argus has been boosting their brand with Letsignit and capitalizing on the powerful channel of one-to-one emailing. The email signatures of their 250 employees are harmonized and their different subsidiaries take advantage of this showcase to relay their news and events.

Discover their testimony.



In what context have you integrated the solution?

Through the email signature, we wish to communicate our brand image as well as our products.

At the beginning of our use of the solution, we were searching for a solution that would consistently harmonize our brand image because at the time, we were in the trial of precising our brand. The logo had just been changed, and certain collaborators signed with the name “l’Argus” and others with “Groupe l’Argus”. We needed a real solution to help us regain control!

From a technical point of view, we were previously with the classic exchange server, On-premise. Our infrastructure has since evolved, and we have migrated to a Microsoft Cloud storage. This migration is made in the continuity with our Letsignit project which is also harbored in the Cloud: a reliable storage solution, secured and much less costly than On-Premise. We have gained more productivity because managing the infrastructure is less time consuming for our Systems and Network Administrator, who can now concentrate on other projects.


How was it before Letsignit? What was the importance of the email signature before using this tool?

It is important to note, that the communication department was only created 5 years ago. Before, each person just did as they wished once the company logo was broadcasted. This communication axis wasn’t exploited in an optimal manner. Once the department was created, we attempted to transmit a model that everyone had to copy, but no framework was posed to make it automatic with each arrival of a new collaborator, or with each change in information, etc.

We presented the solution to our management as a simple and powerful tool which allows us to automate the processes while capitalizing on a powerful communication medium: the email.


Today, what is your method of functioning with Letsignit?

Concerning the signatures, we have 6 permanent ones. The collaborators no longer must manage signatures on their own, everything is automated by the administrator of the platform.

For managing the campaigns, programming is done by an agenda. The departments reserve the week of their choice in relation to their events, by different product launches and regarding the availabilities. Each entity oversees creating their banners and should provide links, sufficiently in advance, so that the Communication team can oversee importing and setting the image in Letsignit.


What are the benefits of having this type of solution in your organization?

Now, everyone has the same signature model, our brand image is unified and relayed by the greatest number to all our interlocutors. Plus, today there is no doubt between our different entities. The information is always up to date, for all the collaborators, and the management of all the subsidiaries are done in a centralized manner. Moreover, everyone benefits from a real showcase thanks to the campaigns created.


What were the internal feedbacks?

The majority plays the game and are happy to no longer deal with the issues related to email signatures. We have recently received a very positive return from our President who was rejoiced when we had informed him that every week of the agenda had been reserved until the end of the year!


If you had to describe Letsignit in 3 words, what would they be?

Fast, simple and efficient.
We greatly appreciate the customer support that we receive through a privileged interlocuter and the importance that is given to our different feedback and suggestions for improvements.


Presentation of the company

Privileged partner of automobile professionals, family company and independent since its creation in 1927, Argus is a group in constant movement, dynamic and innovative.

Our expansion strategy and diversification has allowed us to develop a rich and varied product portfolio destined to professionals, notably to builders, distributers and auction organizers. This unique service combines performance and simplicity and is 100% dedicated to commercial and financial efficiency gains.

Today, we propose a comprehensive offer based on 5 strategic directions: Argus Information, Argus Valorization, Argus Solution, Argus Acquisition and Argus Council.

Because of the change in the world of automobile distribution and the acceleration of evolutions in the sector, we accompany our clients in the major progression and help them succeed in their digital transformation.

Today, Argus is a group of 250 collaborators, in Paris, Nantes, Toulouse, Casablanca, Morocco, with mobilized and engaged women and men.

A testimony gathered by Solène Castella, Customer Success Representative at Letsignit, after:
-Nicolas Brocq-Systems and Network Administrator
-Quitterie Jusserand- Communications Assistant
-Hélène Decotignie- Communication Manager







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