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The French Football Federation testimonial

The French Football Federation boosts its brand identity by standardizing the signatures of daily emails sent by its 380 employees. They take advantage of this showcase to relay their news and integrate clickable banners for a multiplied ROI.

“Letsignit is a practical solution, easy to use, and impactful for our communication!”

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In what context have you integrated the solution?

When we were investigating the subject, we did not have any kind of harmonization with our email signatures. Before Letsignit, we used Outlook signatures and each person had their own signature that they personalized according to their own tastes. They were all different. We noticed that the volume of emails sent was important and that the email signature was, therefore, an interesting communication channel.

Our first objective was to have the signatures unified in order to have consistency, with high quality, and to reinforce the visibility of our brand.


How long have you used Letsignit?

Since the end of 2015.


What words would you use to describe Letsignit?

Letsignit is a practical solution, easy to use, and impactful for our communication!

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How do you use the campaigns?

We create communication banners mainly to push our external events such as French team matches, the Coupe de France, and the events of Football Amateur. Thanks to the clickable banner, our interlocutors are directly redirected to the relative information of our events.

French Football Federation

How long did it take to implement the solution?

The parties that took on the project were numerous. The HR department, IT department, and general management were involved in the implementation of the solution. Therefore, technical deployment took many months.


What attracted you most about Letsignit?

Although I needed some help at the beginning with the technical aspect, it is the simplicity of putting campaigns online that attracted me the most about Letsignit. Once you have used the platform a little, its operation becomes very instinctive.


What are the benefits of having this solution?

01. Unified and quality signatures
02. The possibility to insert marketing banners regarding our news
03. The value reinforcement of our brand image


What was the feedback from your colleagues?

When we launched the solution, our colleagues were satisfied, and we had directly received requests for campaign creations to promote events or specific themes regarding different departments.


How do you internally manage the email signatures?

We allow all services/departments, for example, Football Amateur, Clairefontaine, or even the Medical Center to put their own events and themes.
Furthermore, some departments use signatures in English. The multi-signature is really a plus for us.


The next steps/project for FFF with Letsignit?

I think we can go a step further by going deeper into analyzing the statistics.  That is to say, by identifying the campaigns that have been successful and not-so-successful, we can improve our content.

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FFF Company presentation

Created on April 7th, 1919, and recognized as a public entity in December 1922, the French Football Federation (FFF) practices and teaches football in every form in France.

It provides its know-how to 2.1 million licensed-players, educators, leaders, referees, decentralized bodies (leagues and districts). 

With close to 15,000 affiliate clubs, the FFF demonstrates its power of attraction. Overseas, its clubs participate in the animation and social life of villages and neighborhoods. Most importantly, with 1 million weekly games, the round ball shows its ability to bring people together of all origins, both on and off the field. 

The FFF trains, engages citizens and promotes the educative values of football (sharing, respect, commitment, tolerance, solidarity) to young people.

The next step: feminization and gender diversity are also a major challenge which it is working on. 

Focused on modernity, the FFF, with its two world champion stars, is ambitiously involved in the development of the 21st century. It is emerging as an innovative, successful, and progressive company.

Interview with Isabelle Girondel, graphist of the Marketing Department of the French Football Federation, directed by Patricia Awad, project manager at Letsignit.  

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