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How Letsignit boosted Scriba’s service catalog

For 33 years, Scriba has accompanied MSB and Mid-caps in the implementation of their information system and maintenance of their informatic infrastructure. Since 2010, Scriba has accompanied its clients in their transition to Office 365 and today towards Microsoft 365. As a source of inspiration for their digital transformation, Scriba is attentive to the maturity of the technologies of its clients and distils personalized advice to best meet their expectations.


Why partner with Letsignit | Scriba?

Scriba is part of the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP Tier 1) of Microsoft which allows it to integrate Letsignit in its Office 365 offering, to provision and manage the client relation from A to Z. For Scriba, loyalty is the key to a long-lasting relationship, as well as listening and the relevance of the advice. Scriba was searching for editors that would differentiate and add value around its Office 365 offers. The cloud solution that manages email signatures proposed by Letsignit was therefore a technically reliable and timely response.
Letsignit, at the heart of the Microsoft ecosystem, plays a privileged positioning as a Microsoft Gold Partner, which reinforces the commercial efficiency of this partnership.


What is the process for proposing Letsignit?

Scriba adds Letsignit systematically to all the Office 365 migration offers. According to the needs of their clients, Scriba proposes either the Letsignit STARTER version to harmonize the email signatures of all employees and control the brand identity, or the BUSINESS version, a true booster of communication operations.


What value does it bring to the partners?
  • Add value to Office 365
    Scriba differentiates itself from its competitors and adds a value to the Office 365 offer by adding the Letsignit solution. One more brick to meet the needs of its clients.
  • Attached service
    Scriba does not just focus on selling Letsignit’s recurring revenue generated licenses, but also adds value to the client by integrating Letsignit and managing all the phases: deploying the solution to creating signatures. The objective is to accompany the client so that they can gain time and concentrate more on the heart of their business.
  • Retain
    For several years now, none of Scriba’s clients have terminated Letsignit, which perpetuates its role of ‘consulting service provider’ and legitimizes the Letsignit solution in its everyday use. Trust and commitment to the solutions advocated by Scriba serves to the retainment of clients.
  • Accompany the clients
    Letsignit is attentive to all the feedback from clients. The product is constantly evolving.


“The Letsignit teams are dedicated, smiling and always finding solutions. It is therefore easy for us to give quick responses to our clients and accompany them in their projects.” Sophie Sciberras, Solutions Consultant at Scriba

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