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Our Partner, dynaMIPS, enriches their offer with Letsignit
A few words on dynaMIPS

Created in 1992, dynaMIPS is a digital company of 92 employees that accompany small and medium-sized enterprises and the Local Collectivities of the Grand West. The company is based in Nantes (44), la Roche sur Yon (85), Angers (49) and Rennes (35) in France.


dynaMIPS proposes their expertise in the following domains:

  • The Microsoft Cloud solutions (Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365)
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Outsourcing services and accompanying changes

dynaMIPS is distinguished by its strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy via its membership in the Planet’RSE association.

dynaMIPS is strongly certified in their Microsoft know-how:

  • Gold Partner Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Partner Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Partner Datacenter
  • Gold Partner Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Silver Partner Application Development
  • Silver Cloud Platform
  • Silver Messaging
Why the dynaMIPS/Letsignit partnership?

To complement our expertise in messaging systems (Microsoft Exchange) and to provide more services, we searched for a solution to manage our email signatures. It was also a historically strong demand from our customers that we could not satisfy. So, we launched a study with 2 of our providers to enrich our portfolio offer.  

It was finally quite natural and logical that we chose the Letsignit solution, for the following reasons:

  • It was the most proven and simple solution
  • Edited by a French company
  • With a great proximity to the Microsoft ecosystem
  • And offering the best price/features combination
  • Finally, the Letsignit teams seemed friendly, in the same state of mind and spirit as us! 😊
What is the process for proposing Letsignit?

We use the solution internally and have trained our teams: marketing, before-sales, trade, technical, support.

We only propose the Business offer to our customers.

We always offer it on every project including email and Office 365. We have created a Starter Pack in order to optimize the implementation and the adoption of the solution by our customers.

We have done the following communication actions:

  • A webinar to present the offer
  • Creation of marketing content (product sheet) and diffusion of our website and social media
  • E-mailing campaigns
  • And of course, promotion through our email signatures! 😉

We consider that the marketing impact should be strong on this simple and satellite offer for us, in order to limit the commercial effort and maximize its R.O.I.

What values does Letsignit bring for you?

Letsignit allows us to:

  • Offer an additional service to our clients
  • Enrich our Office 365 services catalogue
  • Increase customer loyalty with a recurring subscription offer
  • Allow our clients to structure their communication, to work on their image and see it generate business for them
  • To respond to a historical need of our customers
  • To relieve the informatic/marketing services

In short, a “small” offer for us but a maximum effect for our customers!  


Testimony given by Fabien Leveque, Marketing and Communications director at dynaMIPS

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