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FranceTV Publicité, when the signature becomes a “wonderful territory of expression”

Anxious to industrialize and simplify the management process of their email signatures, the advertising agency wanted to turn to a marketing tool that would help gain performance. Therefore, the Communication Department and the IT Department decided to study different offers. They were eager to replace a system that no longer responded to the company’s expectations. Above all, it did not allow the standardization of all signatures.

This agile research into the management of email signatures was also linked to the agency’s business activity. They wished to use the email signature channel as a communication axis to relay different events and campaigns. This usage implied the power to quickly react and deploy signatures on a large scale.


Letsignit is the chosen solution!

FranceTV Publicité chose the Letsignit solution, recommended by Exakis & Nelite. The consultant and integrator of Microsoft infrastructure solutions which accompanies them in their strategic thinking about their information system.

The Letsignit solution allows them to meet their different business requirements (campaign and signature management) as well as technical requirements (a simplified interface added to their messaging environment thanks to an Outlook plug-in).

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In addition to providing its platform, Letsignit also supported the FranceTV Publicité team in integrating the agency’s new brand block.

Strong in their element, FranceTV Publicité is now able to simply manage their employees’ email signatures. Likewise, they can easily broadcast campaigns, and internal messages thanks to the powerful communication tool.

Today, managed by the IT Department, the email signatures will soon be directly managed by the Communication Department.


The IT & Com departments are satisfied!

From a technical point of view, we appreciate the simplicity of the implementation and configuration of the Letsignit solution. It integrates perfectly in the Outlook messaging environment. Once connected to our directory, the management of signatures is industrialized.
– Anthony Duchenne, Project Manager of the IT Department of FranceTV Publicité

To reach all our audiences, we work in a 360-degree fashion, we use every communication outlet. The email signatures designed by Letsignit, easily and quickly customizable, become a wonderful territory of expression. We have used it recently to amplify the visibility of our #Efficacité2018 campaign. The signature redirects our audience to the agency’s website where they can find more information.
– Valérie Blondeau, Director of the Communication Department at FranceTV Publicité

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