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Allied Global Marketing furthers their consistency with Letsignit

Life before

The marketing firm, Allied Global Marketing, with notable clients such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, understand that consistency across all channels is extremely important. Therefore, they used a script to stamp their emails with branded signatures. However, managing their signatures was still a difficult task. They did not have the ability to visualize their signatures before sending out an email and felt their signatures lacked a “fun” aspect. The situation became worse when they migrated to Office 365 and lost their signatures altogether.


Allied Global Marketing meets Letsignit

Brian Weir, Marketing VP of Technical Services, searched for a solution and found Letsignit to be a clear winner. The solution unified the signatures of 500 employees all from a centralized and easy-to-use interface. More than just a cloud-based email signature solution, Weir noticed that the team behind the product were dedicated to guiding him in his creation of signatures that “popped” and that expressed the spirit of the company


How is Letsignit helping?

Allied Global Marketing has been using Letsignit since September 2018 and has averaged 900 clicks on their signatures per month.

Brian Weir says, “Letsignit has allowed us to maintain a standardized approach to signatures for our corporate identity. Every employee has the same signature. We can automate the process with Office 365 and all the user must do is install an app and then, they are sending out branded emails. Everything is consistent which is important to our marketing firm.”


Allied Global Marketing’s 3 words to describe the solution
  1. Elegant
  2. Simple
  3. Powerful

Brian’s job may be technical but with Letsignit he can create professional signatures without expertise in design.


About Allied Global Marketing 

Allied Global Marketing is a full-service integrated marketing agency working with the world’s largest entertainment, consumer and lifestyle brands. The company was founded in 1987 and has over 24 offices in North America and Europe. The firm works diligently to create campaigns with high conversion.


Testimony was given by Brian Weir, VP of Technical Services at Allied Global Marketing and written by Paige Jenkins. 

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