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Your employees, your best ambassadors

During the digital transformation process, most companies forget their employees. And yet, it is them that have the power to really make an impact.  

A message published by an employee is:

Employee Advocacy Infography


What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is an employer-branding technique that aims to transform its employees into ambassadors, notably on social media. To succeed in this strategy, a few rules must be respected:

  • Confront the reality of employee engagement
  • Convince the employees in being ambassadors
  • Keep consistency with the ambassadors

Where the concept of “employee advocacy” is innovative, is in the fact that it is an organized and supervised approach by the marketing and communication departments. Employee ambassadors are then encouraged, trained, and even rewarded for representing the brand or company.

In certain cases, the publication process on employees’ social media accounts can be automized or facilitated with the use of a platform created specifically for employee advocacy (Socially Map, So-Buzz, Smarp, etc.) or from a content manager platform (Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse, etc.).


Why bet on your employees?

This new approach is the awareness of the potential influence an employee has:

  • An increased audience for broadcasting content because customers/prospects are more likely to follow the employees with whom they have connected rather than the company itself;
  • A more personal message, coming from an individual and not from a business account;
  • A valorization of employees by ensuring the distribution of relevant professional content on their accounts.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, communication channels are even more important. Consequently, it is critical to augment visibility for any brand.

The uniformization of all employees’ email signatures is an essential step for the development of an employee advocacy strategy. Indeed, it benefits the brand image internally, critical to the activity of a company because if each employee feels part of the group, they can then get involved and convey a positive image of the brand.

However, companies still too often miss out on their most powerful asset to increase the scope of their content: their employees.

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