Why bet on authenticity?

One of the biggest challenges we are facing today is a lack of trust. Confidential data selling to third parties, fake news and social media broadcasting all private matters…It is no wonder why many companies are choosing show transparency and authenticity to boost consumer trust. Discover more!


Authenticity is the future

Most importantly, brands that prioritize user well-being and social unity are perceived as companies of the future. For example, terms such as positivity, honesty, transparency or even humanity, coexist with the professional world showing that authenticity is the new trend.

Utopia agency mentions that there is a strong correlation between positivity levels and the intention of buying. If a consumer perceives a brand in a positive manner, they are 2.4 times more likely to purchase a product. Likewise, a study done by Cohn & Wolfe shows that 9 out of 10 consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity and 52% of consumers will recommend the brand to others.

Guénaëlle Gault, Global Digital Head at Kantar Public expresses her view on the subject:

“What unites all French people, is the similar desire, same want, a movement towards the more natural, ethical, and simple… more authenticity to face a world that is missing it.”


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Transparency of the know-how

It is in the enterprise’s best interest to engage its consumers by building a trusting bond. And, linking that bond to the brand. The enterprise must communicate where its products come from, the way they are made, and even how the enterprise functions internally. Storytelling represents a crucial technique for getting the customer involved with the source.


Passionate people, not just users

Today, it is fundamental for a brand to employ passionate brand advocates because they are their most important ambassadors. Cultivating employee advocacy, brands show that they want to give their clients not just a service or product but a true experience.


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A human dimension, better than the superficial

It is crucial to show yourself on a more human level, to be closer, more accessible, to listen to the needs and desires of your consumers. Those are values that Letsignit stays true to and that helps us determine the true needs of our customers. This is useful to us because showing authenticity is synonymous with holding ourselves to high standards and public expectations. Using digital tools proactively allows us to portray ourselves in the best of ways. So, don’t hesitate to show us your story now!


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