Marketers of all kinds – don’t overlook the power of email signatures

Marketing is a highly specialized function these days. Many organizations feature a plethora of roles with titles like brand managers, digital strategists, ABM specialists…the list goes on. With so many job functions relying on the same marketing channels, there can be a waiting list just to get your message out! We’ll let you in on a secret – the email signature can be your unique channel.

Marketers of all kinds are under pressure to get best-in-class results from every campaign. Brand managers need to rank higher than competitors for favorable brand recognition, digital strategists need to create automated funnels that generate a high volume of leads at an ever diminishing cost, and ABM specialists are tasked with maturing sales qualified leads to measurable revenue outcomes.

So how do these individual marketing functions succeed against their myriad objectives when they’re all competing to get the word out across the same core channels of search, social, print, and email? We’ve got an idea for you…


Reality: Marketers are competing for channel access inside their own organization

Competition between departments like marketing and people & culture, and competition within those departments between the specific roles, means communication channels are in fierce internal competition and often overwhelmed with messages for different goals and purposes.

While each specialized marketing function often has it’s tool of choice like marketing automation for digital strategists – Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot to name a few – and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for account-based marketers, every marketer knows campaigns need to be omni channel to be successful.

So what channels aren’t already oversaturated and taken? What else can we do as marketers?

We’ll let you in on a secret – the email signature.


The search for a new channel to break through the clutter

We believe the email signature is THE new channel. Small and often overlooked, it is a powerhouse when it comes to impressions and click-thru rates. Plus – it’s completely unobtrusive and a natural part of everyone’s business behavior.

Here’s why we love the email signature as a channel

  • Empowering – email is not dependent on an algorithm selecting what is viewed (except for spam filters)
  • Connecting – email, in most cases, is building from an existing relationship where a degree of trust exists
  • Relevant – email typically conveys information that is contextual to the recipient and hence, more valuable
  • Unobtrusive – email can communicate key marketing messages within the signature without being overt or annoying

Remember: a message sent by an employee is considered much more credible than when it is sent by a corporate entity. In the typical day, with an average employee sending 40 emails, there are 40 one-to-one opportunities to convey your marketing messaging in the email signature.

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The email signature: uses for all marketing roles

If you do feel like sharing the goodness of this new discovery with your colleagues, here’s how the power of the email signature can be unleashed across various marketing functions:

Brand Manager – ensures that the email signature, which embodies the organization’s brand, respects and disseminates a consistent visual identity in every single email. This helps achieve the goal of enhancing brand recognition within key stakeholder groups.

Digital Strategist – utilize email signatures for promoting current marketing campaigns and initiatives. This bolsters the impact of their campaigns generating more leads at a more affordable cost – email is free.

ABM Specialist –  email signatures are the perfect tool for account-based marketing because it’s a channel that facilitates one-to-one communication and is a key part of the selling process. Signatures can even be customized to the specific account you are targeting.

With Letsignit, email signature management is centralized and therefore simple to activate across the organization. Use one cohesive signature for the entire company, or personalize to various groups, locations or functions. The email signature is here as a channel that empowers your marketing to do more with less.

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