Digital Campaign Manager: how to integrate email signatures in an automation logic

The job of the digital marketer is tough. Often under pressure for high campaign performance on tight budgets, they have the additional expectation to provide end-to-end campaign tracking and performance insights on omnichannel campaigns. Here’s how Letsignit can help.

Today digital campaigns are happening in an omni channel environment and can be very complex. A typical marketing activation might include social media marketing, paid advertising on Google, gated content on a website, and email marketing automation. And to make matters worse, each of these channels requires specialized knowledge, their own set of marketing tools, and interpretation of different reports and analytics.

Luckily, there is one marketing channel where tracking and insights are quite simple – the email signature.


A high-yield and under-used channel for every marketer

Which organic marketing channel is highly visible, conducts a huge volume of interaction with your key stakeholders, and often offers the highest levels of engagement without being intrusive? The one that all employees use in their daily lives: the email & email signature.

The email signature carries the company’s brand identity and is visible in every single email. In a company of 100 employees with an average of 40 emails being sent per employee per day, the channel of email represents a potential volume of 80,000 free organic impressions. This is a channel that needs to be front and center in every digital marketing campaign to amplify the value of your efforts at zero additional cost.

With Letsignit, not only does your email signature contain relevant information like job titles and contact information, you can also leverage this invaluable space for promotion of current marketing campaigns. We call this part of an email signature the “banner”.

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Tracking campaign performance with email signatures

Email signatures are a great and often underutilized tool for every marketer. And with Letsignit’s email signature management solution, tracking campaign performance has never been easier.

And one of the great things about email signatures? Because all signatures are centrally managed for your organization through Letsignit’s simple application, you have access to insightful internal data including who sent the email that received banner engagement, you’ll know when that email was sent, and you’ll have insight on which particular segments of your employees (such as the sales team) are receiving more engagement in their email signatures than other segments.

And this data can enhance the overall performance of a much broader marketing campaign.

Since the expectation of the digital campaign manager today is for omni channel campaigns, the great news is that vital data from email signatures, like views and clicks, can be fed into your broader analytics through UTM tracking.


The best kind of automation happens at scale

Email is a channel for scale. With over 300 billion emails estimated to be sent each and every day, just think of the exposure the email signature receives. This is true automation – a marketing banner presented to an often engaged audience that scales effortlessly as it’s included in every email communication your company sends.

Letsignit requires no code and is a highly visual easy-to-use interface. You can create marketing banners with little effort and have them disseminated across your entire organization with consistency.


The marketer’s essential tool – the email signature

Be sure to include this essential organic channel in your next digital marketing campaign. With easy tracking and full integration to your omnichannel flows, this is a must for every marketer.

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