How Brand Managers can amplify brand consistency with every email

Maintaining brand consistency across myriad communication channels is tough. With Letsignit, there is one channel where consistency is easy. And it’s the single most used communication channel in the business world – your email signature.


Branding is important.

With a plethora of competing brands in every market segment, having a consistent and recognizable identity is one essential ingredient to marketplace success. Establishing an authentic brand image takes time and resources, though it pays dividends in customer loyalty, the ability to charge premium prices, and in differentiating your solution from the competition.

The Brand Manager’s role is tough. Backed by a “brand guideline” playbook, it is an immense challenge to regulate brand consistency across various marketing and communications channels, across departments, and across different functional elements of the business.

There is one place we help make this monumentous task easy – by standardizing and centralizing management of the most commonly used communication channel in business – email and, more specifically, the email signature.


The Brand Manager’s Obsession: Maintaining cross-channel consistency

Brand Managers need to guide and control what is being seen on all channels. To keep up with growing content needs and to maintain brand consistency, most marketers rely on Marketing Resources Management (MRM) to help organize their marketing initiatives. MRM helps centralize brand resources, but each activation of these assets depends on a specific tool; a Content Management System (CMS) for websites, an automation solution for email campaigns, social media platforms and tools, etc. 

Inevitably, within each of these solutions inconsistencies are possible – too often branding takes a backseat and lacks consistent messaging across channels. In today’s fast-paced world, content and daily communications with clients can often feel rushed. For example, using too many stock photos in content because of ease of access can really water down your visual narrative. It can be worth the time to ensure your branding is driven by your brand tone of voice, personality, and visual library.


Is there an easy way to convey brand consistency on a daily basis?

Are the emails and email signatures on the brand manager’s radar? Out of all the communications sent by your company, the most visible is the email. No, we are not talking about curated newsletters sent by the company, but regular everyday emails. Those sent by employees to clients, customers, prospects, and partners. Too often, emails carry an artisanal style signature with inconsistencies such as color, font, and inconsistent or even inaccurate information.

According to the “Adobe Email Usage Study, Americans spend up to 5 hours a day checking their email (work and personal). Should the email signature really be overlooked when it plays such a big part in daily communication?

Email is anything but a secondary channel. But, paradoxically, the email signature is not always on the radar of brand managers. Too often companies let employees create their own email signatures, without thinking about how it might appear to others. The scope for brand managers continues to expand, especially as companies embrace digital transformation to survive in today’s business world.

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Amplify your communication

Good news, it is easy today to ensure the conformity of an email signature with the identity of a brand. A centralized signature management solution like Letsignit makes it possible to provide employees with different models and to adapt them according to their subsidiary, team or function. One of the easiest ways for a brand manager to defend the brand is by involving the first stakeholders: the employees.

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