How ABM Specialists can benefit from email signatures

Highly targeted, personalized marketing campaigns are key for Account Based Marketing (ABM) Specialists to win over accounts. As ABM Specialists are pulled in different directions to enhance multichannel growth, important internal communication tools such as email might be forgotten. Get your message out and build brand identity with this powerful tool – the email signature.

Marketing strategy is on the rise: Account Based Marketing (ABM) has increased in popularity in the B2B marketing world. According to Sirius Decisions, 92% of marketers see ABM as fundamental to achieving their goals and 50% have already deployed an ABM program worthy of the name. This is ideal for companies who want to focus on growth, attract high-value accounts, and better align the marketing and sales teams.

Using cross-channel engagement: Unlike mass marketing, ABM focuses on specific prospects and coordinates marketing and sales efforts to deepen engagement from the start. ABM relies on multiple tactics and the marketing and sales teams work together to target specific accounts that would be a good fit and turn them into customers. Cross-channel marketing is used to reach and engage with prospects and customers wherever they are (webinars, emails, social networks).


Objective of the ABM specialist: customizing campaigns

Personalization is important for any campaign, but it is the key to Account Based Marketing. The objective for ABM Managers is to deploy personal content with the appropriate channels to generate interactions with target accounts. Having customization is also at the heart of tools dedicated to ABM such as Engagio , Terminus or even Uberflip.

Liz Demers, Partner Manager at LinkedIn, was eager to talk about the subject at a dedicated event.

“Linkedin is at the centre of this conversation [about ABM] because ABM resonates with everything we are good at – inspiring authentic engagement, nurturing trust, building relationships…”.


Highly customizable channels with high engagement – in an ABM context  

While LinkedIn is a solid asset for ABM managers, there are a plethora of options that also allow for high engagement. Events (or rather virtual events in 2020), paid digital advertisement campaigns (configured for target accounts), and newsletters can be used for personalized content.

One tool that every ABM Specialist should have in their toolbox? The email signature. And for several reasons:

  1. Email is a very powerful and commonly used source of communication. On an average, 121 professional emails are received and 40 are sent every day by an employee. The email signature is part of a brand’s identity which help users see that the identity of the sender is a trusted source. 
  2. This email signature not only carries contact details of a person and their company but can also promote content. Create and manage all employees’ email signatures and add customizable targeted marketing banners with Letsignit.
  3. As long as you rely on a centralized management solution for email signatures such as Letsignit, they can be adapted and personalized according to the accounts to be sent. Have an email signature that is eye-catching, professional, and adapted to all your needs.
  4. With Letsignit, all the teams likely to interact with the targeted accounts can contribute to the campaigns via their email signature – just allocate these signatures to the right profiles to make them email signature ambassadors.
  5. By managing email signatures as targeted marketing campaigns, tracking performance has never been easier. ABM Specialists can access insightful data which includes who sent the email and the traffic generated on a landing page dedicated to each account. 

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ABM Specialists – Take advantage of this powerful marketing tool with each email sent

With the amount of people your company interacts daily over email, email is a gold mine. With Letsignit, you can easily integrate and gain control over your brand’s digital identity with email signatures across your team. Make your emails a low-cost acquisition channel for marketing and add custom signatures and banners automatically.

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