Tailored signature with Expert Mode

Enjoy email signatures branded closer to your identity through the import of HTML code!

Today you can easily create Letsignit signatures from your template library and personalize them with the Drag & Drop editor which does not require HTML skills.

Do you wish to go further, or do you already have an HTML signature that you want to import?

Now, with the new ‘Expert Mode’, import your HTML code and enjoy advanced personalization.

HTML email signature


Put your creativity to use with your email signature!

You wish to manage:

  • Line spacing
  • The background colors
  • The prefixes
  • The color of the links
  • …or even delete the empty lines when an attribute is not filled in?

You have your hand in importing your HTML code.

Don’t forget the best practices for HTML and that each email client has its own interpretation rules.

Our expert designers in HTML can accompany you in the creation of your model. To learn more about our different offers:

14-day free trial

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