New Outlook signature sync feature reveals what’s at stake with email

You and your employees often send emails from more than one device. While your Outlook inbox and contacts will sync across devices, up until now your email signature has not.

Microsoft has announced that as of June 2020, Outlook for Windows will be able to synchronize email signatures across multiple desktop computers. But, what issues does this solve and what does this mean for your business?


A Common Issue: Email Signatures Out of Sync


It’s a problem we have all faced at one time or another: you or one of your employees download Outlook onto a shiny new work computer, phone, or home desktop, and everything is there just as you left it: except your email signature.

Naturally, this results in one of three things:

1. A call with IT
2. Wasting time setting up the signature (if you know how!)
3. Sending emails without a signature

For your business, these actions result in lost time, inconsistent branding, or both.


The First Step to a Solution


As a ‘Preferred Microsoft Partner’ we were excited to be asked to assist the R&D teams at Microsoft to solve this issue. We are thrilled that Outlook PC users will now have their email signatures automatically synchronize across any desktop computers they use.


The Bigger Picture: What Your Business Still Needs


Email signatures are more than just contact information, they are part of your branding and marketing strategies.

While this new functionality is a huge step in the right direction from Microsoft, there are still multiple problems your business will face regarding email signatures:

1. Syncing signatures outside of Outlook for Windows: The new functionality will not yet help users who use Outlook Online, Outlook Mobile, or Outlook for Mac.
2. Managing your employees: Every time brand guidelines change or a promotion occurs, the new signature still needs to be uploaded manually by each employee.

Letsignit can help! Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are enabling Microsoft 365 (Office 365) users to take control of all employee email signatures, amplify marketing campaigns, and better manage their brand.

Check out our solution if you are looking for a way to save time, have a user-friendly experience, and centralize your email signature management!

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