How the new Microsoft Outlook API will change the internal communication game?

Few months ago and after more than 2 years of collaboration with Microsoft’s R&D teams, we officially announced the release of the first Add-in for Outlook email signature at Microsoft Build 2021.

The add-in is a true game changer for large businesses looking to deploy and manage employees’ email signatures at scale.

Today, we are thrilled to share more exciting news!


Say hello to recipient based signature 

It’s finally here. At Microsoft Ignite, which will take place from November 2nd to 4th, Microsoft will officially reveal the Microsoft Outlook API Mailbox 1.11 RecipientsChanged event!

Concretely, what will it change?

While Letsignit already allows the integration and the attribution of email signature banners for all audiences, it will soon be possible to target them even more precisely. In short, companies will soon be able to insert different banners under email signatures for an external or internal recipient (end 2021).

Thanks to the Microsoft Outlook API Mailbox 1.11 RecipientsChanged event, users will be able to share targeted campaigns specifically designed for an internal audience. This is a true answer to medium and large businesses who, are finding it increasingly difficult to engage and inform their employees working remotely.

Internal communication - Email signatures example

With this new internal banner scheduling feature, there is no need for a long and non-efficient communication plan. All internal emails will be broadcasting messages that are important to employees. Enterprises can capture the audience as a whole and all types of employees (remote, freelance, etc.).

More than that, this feature represent a great opportunity to use email as a channel to accelerate and carry out changeboost employee engagement or relay internal communication projects.


A technology partnership with Microsoft that goes the extra mile

Since the release of our Outlook Email Signature Add-in, we have deployed thousands of customers globally. This new feature will allow us to go even further!

At Letsignit, we are proud to collaborate directly with Microsoft, which, by developing this type of functionality, affirms its position on the benefits that email signatures bring to businesses.

Juan Balmori Microsoft - Letsignit Add-in O365 / M365

« Letsignit has been an amazing partner for the Office Extensibility team because they helped not only to design but also to be pioneers in building and testing solutions using our new Signatures APIs and event-activated Outlook Add-ins. »

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