Microsoft & the Letsignit Add-in: a revolution for managing signatures on M365

Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, Letsignit unveiled their newest offering during the Microsoft virtual conference held September 22-24, 2020.

Enterprise customers will now be able to deploy Letsignit quickly and easily

Letsignit, the Microsoft-preferred French ISV, released the O365 Add-in for their market-leading email signature management solution. Letsignit allows organizations to simply create and manage beautiful email signatures in a few clicks. This solution lets customers centrally manage all employee email signatures which saves time and keeps brand image consistent. Users can also add promotional banners to their email signatures, making the most of this low-cost yet powerful marketing channel.

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Collaboration between Microsoft and Letsignit Teams

Having a long working relationship with Microsoft, Letsignit was contacted by their Add-in teams to announce the Auto-Launch functions and signature management API. The goal of this collaboration between R&D teams of Microsoft and Letsignit was to improve the overall experience of email signatures in Outlook.

Letsignit O365 add-in

The existing Letsignit desktop client synchronizes with Azure Active Directory and native O365 connectors are optimized and operational. However, both Microsoft and Letsignit had the common desire to provide a fluid and more integrated experience in the M365 environment. The solution: Letsignit O365 add-in.

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Quick and Easy deployment for Enterprises

Email signatures are highly underutilized by companies today. Letsignit aims to solve this issue for organizations of all types and sizes – from SMBs to Enterprises.

In large enterprises, the mass deployment of third-party applications on employee workstations is often a tedious and problematic process for IT administrators.

With this new add-in, millions of Office 365 users will be able to get their signature rolled out in only 3 clicks, directly from the O365 Administration Center! Clients will now be able to deploy Letsignit to all workstations quickly, in a simple and secure manner.

Olivier Lanilis Microsoft - Letsignit Add-in O365 

Letsignit prove once again that they know to innovate in the field of email signatures. With the release of O365 Add-in, developed in collaboration with the Microsoft team, Letsignit is taking a technological leap forward that will benefit the entire ecosystem. Now, fully integrated into the M365 platform, their solution meets the needs of large accounts with simplicity!

Damien LETSIGNIT - Letsignit Add-in O365

We are one of the few partners who had the opportunity to co-develop an Add-in directly with Microsoft R&D teams, with the aim of improving the Outlook user experience. We are proud of the trust placed in us by Microsoft, our long-time partner!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

At Letsignit, we are more than satisfied to have been able to respond to real customer issues, we also hope to open the way for other ISVs. We hope that this type of technological revolution will give ideas to large and small publishers alike.

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