Give your branches more control over their signatures & banners

Are your email signatures and campaigns are the talks of the company? Do your different branches send you campaign and signature ideas non-stop? Good news!

With the new subsidiary feature, you can now give your different branches their very own Letsignit workspace to create, allocate, and manage email signatures all on their own.  

Large companies can now rejoice!  

Managing your subsidiaries is now easy. Divide your directory by country, city, company name, or department and give them all their own workspace. Assign an administrator to each new platform to manage it.  

You remain in control of configurations, licenses, subscriptions, and the global directory. But, now each administrator can create their own groups, create Letsignit attributes, insert campaigns, track them, and create signatures as well as deploy them to all the users within their branch.  

With these new levels of administration, you can manage your branches more easily. In addition, the other administrators have more control over the signatures and campaigns broadcasted to their recipients.  

If you wish to know more, see the guide on how to implement the subsidiaries feature.  

If you aren’t using Letsignit, yet, try the new subsidiary feature and boost your emails with harmonized signatures and targeted banners:  

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