Email signatures: why choosing cloud matters

There can be no centralized, robust, or secure management of email signatures without a Cloud platform that is up to the challenge. Choosing Microsoft Azure meets this challenge and opens numerous possibilities for the processing of your email signatures. 

Letsignit has deliberately developed its platform for the Cloud. Offering a SaaS (Software as a Service) gives users operational flexibility and a high level of security that is not easily replicated with local deployment.  

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Azure and Microsoft Office 365: the perfect alliance  

The alliance between Office 365 and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud creates a homogeneous environment for enterprises. For the messaging service, this end-to-end continuity offers broader deployment. With the addition of operational possibilities, without the need to deploy the application in a customized way. Also, access to the Azure Active Directory allows for the synchronization of thousands of users in only a matter of minutes and the user information is imported without the need to go through complex and laborious request procedures

Best of all, the centralized structure offered by using Office 365 in the Azure Cloud also provides end-to-end security consistency. Once the authentication option is implemented, the users benefit from a transparent authentication: their Office 365 account gives them access to the Letsignit service without needing to enter it every session.  

Security and confidentiality reinforced with the cloud 

Cyber-threats are the principal dangers of facing corporate information systems. In this respect, the Cloud makes it possible to consolidate protection, with companies benefiting from the investment made by Microsoft’s teams to eradicate the various threats linked to the exploitation of breaches. Hardware and software updates are done regularly to address known vulnerabilities, while risk analyses are performed by Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) and independent evaluators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

On the other hand, confidentiality issues are also treated by the Cloud. Azure is certified by the PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) in response to the ISO/IEC 27 701 norms. Azure thus provides a set of management and operational controls to demonstrate compliance with privacy laws and regulations. The certification is in addition to many others that govern security, including the indispensable 27001 standards. What’s more, the transfer of data can be encrypted in order to ensure confidentiality and the integrity of data. Finally, customer data is obviously not accessible to third parties without authorization and identification.  

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On-Premise or Cloud: a transparent connection 

Of course, all companies don’t yet have the choice to move their messaging to the cloud. But here too, the flexibility of the Cloud and its service architecture allows a fast connection to the platform. A connector (or messaging agent) positioned on the Exchange server of the enterprise guarantees the transfer of information in a fluid and transparent manner. An API permits the creation of the local Active Directory creation and transfer of data by HTTPS and JSON towards the Letsignit Cloud.  

By using the synchronization mechanism, all the information is processed by regular exchanges, which makes it possible to constantly update the information in your directories, to update signatures or to integrate new collaborators.  

An equivalent procedure is deployed for the reception and sending of emails from local Exchange servers to the Letsignit infrastructure. This is where the email will be signed before being sent to the recipient.  


The Azure Cloud and Letsignit: excellent for global enterprises  

Used by companies with Office 365 “On-Premise” or via the cloud, the Letsignit platform has customers from all over the world. The network of Azure nodes allows it to be present in multiple regions: Central France, South Brazil, East Canada, East US, and South-East Asia. As close as possible to companies. The result for customers is regulatory compliance and low latency for service access.  

In addition, the Letsignit administration is centralized, the global administrator can assign auxiliary administrators for each enterprise subsidiary. Each will also be autonomous in their management of signatures. 


Quick access to new signature features with the Cloud 

Another benefit of the Cloud – continued improvement, automatic and transparency of services by Letsignit. New features or updates are implemented regularly based on feedback from users. With the SaaS platform, every new feature is instantly passed on to the users. It is a great benefit for the customers. 

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