5 killer features that improve your business

Discover our 5 killer features that will take your email signatures to the next level. 🚀


01. Signatures that are automatically branded

Letsignit pre-made automatic email signature template

The moment you enter our platform you will be asked to fill in contact and company information. Then, you will be given 16 pre-made signature templates to choose from. As soon as you upload your logo, a color picker will extract the dominant color and automatically integrate it into your signature templates. The first layer of features that allow you to in only a few clicks have email signatures that are uniformed, aesthetically pleasing and most of all reflect your brand identity.

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02. The signature of your dreams made simply with the Drag & Drop Designer

Letsignit Drag & Drop Designer

If you do not wish to use one of our templates, but rather personalize your signature from A to Z, you can choose to use our Drag & Drop Designer tool. Manage interlines, colors, prefixes, icons, and block alignment. You have a hand down to the very pixel of your signatures! No technical or graphic skills needed. So, let your creativity speak.

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03. Delegate the management of your signatures to your subsidiaries efficiently

Thanks to our subsidiary feature created with large enterprises in mind, you can give your different branches their own Letsignit workspaces to create, attribute, and manage their email signatures. In just a few clicks, partition your directory (by country, city, organization, etc.) to create independent workspaces and choose the administrator(s) that will manage their users’ signatures. Letsignit simplifies your life but also allows you to keep full control thanks to different administration levels. Yes, yes, we have really thought of it all! 😉

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04. Your 1to1 emails become a marketing weapon thanks to campaigns

Letsignit - email signature manager

Because having an email signature is good but transforming your email signature into a communication channel is even better! With Letsignit, your signatures become real gold mines because they allow you to communicate your campaigns in an ultra-targeted way. How does it work? Well, with only a few clicks, you:

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Import a banner
  3. Enter the redirection link
  4. Selected the desired duration and the priority level
  5. Attribute it to your employees and groups

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05. Insights to help you measure performance

Letsignit statistics click performance

We could not offer a marketing tool without giving you the ability to evaluate the performance of your email signatures. Our platform gives you access to the global and user click rate of all your signatures and campaigns. Measure your performance and adapt your future campaigns accordingly.

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