11 key features that improve your Letsignit signature experience

Summer is coming to an end and we are only 4 months away from a brand-new year! We have worked around the clock to bring you new features that take your signature to the next level. Before everyone returns to the daily grind, we would like to recap the top 11 features we launched this year! The features help in boosting your performance thanks to the centralized platform and on the app. Check them out!  


Platform: always centralized, even more, efficient  


01. Letsignit statistics

We kicked off the new year with one thing in mind: top performance. We unrolled Letsignit statistics which allows you to track the day to day data collected from all your employees’ active signatures and campaigns. You can track the data, export a report, and adapt your marketing actions to make them more efficient!  

Statistics for signatures and campaigns


02. Expert Mode

Do you have a signature HTML code you wish to upload or want to personalize your signature further? You can do so with Expert Mode! Put your creativity to use and go deeper in managing line spacing, background colors, prefixes, link colors, and more

Expert mode html email signatures


03. Does your company use Microsoft Exchange?

We have great news! You can use Letsignit Cloud to brand every user’s Microsoft Exchange email. In just a few clicks, synchronize your database with your Local Active Directory and automatically diffuse the signatures to your Outlook Online as well as any device (desktop, mobile, tablet). 

Microsoft Exchange On Premise email


04. Attribute mapping & formatting

Uppercase, lowercase, sentence case or title- you have the power to customize your attributes! Format their appearance to match your company’s style. Go further by recovering the attributes from your directory that are most relevant to you and your employees with the attribute mapping tool! 

 attribute formatting and mapping for email signatures


05. Block & hide all attributes

One of your biggest concerns was blocking users from modifying their attributes. We heard you loud and clear! You now have full control over the information (service, job title, etc.) your users can edit in their signatures.  

block and hide attributes signature email


06. Centralized app settings

You have 100% control of the Letsignit app for all your users. From the platform, you can choose to run the app at startup, manually update the app, disable notifications & more! No need to leave the comfort of your desk, everything at Letsignit is created for your convenience.  

App Settings centralized platform


07. Multi-tenant

If you need to use several directories, you can now manage independent access to the Letsignit platform for each directory and benefit from a unique and centralized license subscription. 

mutli-tenant for email signature


08. Letsignit Groups

Create & manage groups all from the Letsignit platform. Customize the filtering of your employees to your liking and achieve an ultra-precise segmentation that optimizes the target of your campaigns and signatures

Group creation in platform

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Letsignit App: always effortless, even more, automatic 


09. Multi-account (App) 

Does your app look different? That is because it is now adapted to users with multiple email accounts. Whether your employees run the contact account or the support account plus their own account, they can now visualize all their signatures and banners on desktop

multi-account application email signatures


10. Seamless SSO

The seamless single sign-on feature allows your app to log in automatically to your Office account. All it takes is a one-time activation by the administrator for every user to have their app connect at the start of every Windows session. Don’t think twice about your signatures!  

seamless single sign on for email signatures


11. RDS Mode Compatible

If you are working in a TSE/RDS environment, users have full access to the Letsignit application. One app on one server is all it takes to deploy to every employee at your company. Your users can access their signatures and campaigns from anywhere

email signatures RDS TSE


What do you think of the new updates? Do not hesitate to contact us using the chat to let us know your thoughts, improvements we could make, or what features you would like to see for our Letsignit email signature platform

Still haven’t tried the new features out because you are not a Letsignit customer, yet? It’s time to see what you have been missing!

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