How MSPs Make More Loyal Customers

Ask most people what Managed Service Providers (MSP) help their customers with and they’ll answer something like, “Running their IT,” or, “Keeping their computers working.”

Those people, however, have missed something.

Over the past several years the relationship between the MSP and their customer has indeed changed dramatically. Where once the Microsoft MSP sought to become the customer’s trusted technology advisor, today the best MSPs earn a much higher level of recognition by becoming the customer’s trusted business advisor, as we noted in a prior blog. In other words, they don’t just help manage IT, they help manage the business.


Here are three ways MSPs can gain a depth of loyalty with their customers.


1. Beyond the Technology to How the Technology is Used

The most highly regarded Microsoft MSPs – the ones that cultivate lasting relationships with their clients and the ones that make more loyal customers – show deep interest that ranges far beyond the Microsoft technology itself. How is the technology being used? What does the company need technology to do? How much does the technology cost? What’s the most cost-effective strategy for sourcing Microsoft software licenses? To sum up, clients truly appreciate engineers who bring this concern and understanding to their interactions.


2. Driving Success

Businesses will be most loyal to suppliers who show interest in helping them increase their profits. Lowering costs is also one way to do that, and strategic sourcing advice is a great example of that.

But increasing revenue is the other way to increase profits. Here the technologist crosses the line from technology into marketing and sales. Technology is still among the most powerful allies in driving new revenue through more effective and widespread broadcasting of company messaging.


3. Innovation!

The universe is made up of customers and those not yet customers, and it’s said that it’s five times easier to sell more to existing customers than it is to create new ones

In short, the more innovative an MSP can be, the more they’ll capture the interest, imagination and loyalty of customers.

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