Microsoft Reseller: Beyond Technology, Be a Trusted Business Advisor

Some would say that becoming your customer’s “Trusted Technology Advisor” has become passé. Why? Probably for the same reason that the role of the chief technology officer (CIO or CTO) has shifted from being a technology expert to becoming much more deeply involved in the business, a true C-level officer who thinks more about how technology can benefit their organization than how it works.

Today’s managed service providers (MSPs) seek to become each customer’s “Trusted Business Advisor.”

This is a wise choice. Author Mack Hanan, who first coined the term “consultative selling” explains to us in his seminal book “Consultative Selling,” that the difference between being your customer’s vendor and being their partner is that if they consider you a vendor they are only loyal to your last best price. If they consider you a partner, they’re loyal to the fact that you’re devoted to helping them be more successful. And if you help them be more successful, they’ll help you be more successful.

A Partner’s Primary Responsibilities

Following the idea that a partner’s key driver is to help your customer become more successful, we focus on the only two ways to help that happen. The one that many MSPs focus on is to help them reduce their costs. But it is the other that holds far more potential: Help them increase their revenue and retain customers!

Making More of Email

One obvious way in which an MSP can help customers increase revenue and retain their customers is to make it easier and more efficient for them to deliver marketing messages effectively.

For many MSPs this may take the shape of setting their customer up with an automailer system that will send out marketing emails to a large number of customers from time-to-time. This can be very effective depending upon the diligence and discipline the customer brings to the process. All too often it is used once or twice and then sits idle for a long period of time.

A strategic partner who is thinking about the business will seek out more clever and innovative ways to put messaging in the mainstream of the IT providers activities.

Some time back, the mayor of a large city desperately needed to drive some more revenue for his city. A creative thinker, he realized that the parking meters located throughout his city represented a completely unused bit of real estate he could sell advertising on. Soon many city businesses were happily advertising on their city’s parking meters with great increased sales results.

One “bit of real estate” your customers could be using to continuously deliver important marketing messages to everyone they communicate with is the signature of each of their emails. While the average office worker sends about 40 emails per day, the average salesperson sends over 125 directly and thousands via automailer. Banners or other messaging incorporated into any or all of their emails will constantly and consistently connect with customers. Various sales experts say it takes anywhere between seven and twenty “touches” before you get a customer’s attention leading to a sale. With companywide implementation, it won’t take long once those touches are coming with every email sent from the company.

How to Make That Happen

Letsignit is a great way for you to differentiate your Office/Microsoft 365 offerings from your competitors. It is also an efficient and effective way to assure your customers that they’re making more than enough “touches” regularly to capture the attention of their customers and prospects.

Your clients expect communication value, but will be pleasantly surprised that you’re concerned about providing them with more excellent marketing and brand support functionality.

Want to get YOUR clients’ attention and become their partner, and their Trusted Business Advisor? Becoming a Letsignit Partner is a great way to get started!

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