LOCAL GOVERNMENTS: 6 tips to get creative on decicive communication

Local government organizations typically spend 15 hours every year managing and standardizing email signatures for their employees. And that doesn’t include the lost opportunity to share valuable information where your stakeholders are most likely to see it – in the email signature.


It’s comes down to email – the place where it all happens

With Letsignit’s simple and trusted solution, local government offices no longer waste time or valuable public resources on email signatures across various programs, entities, and employees. Your selected Administrator gets complete control over the creation and assignment of email signatures across all public servants effectively standardizing identity across all emails being communicated both internally and externally.

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An innovative, powerful, and low-cost communication channel for local government

Letsignit allows public institutions to create, plan and track communications campaigns with the help of beautifully designed banners inside your email signatures. Get critical campaign messages in front of your constituents.

Here are some creative examples of how local governments are using email signatures to effectively communicate essential messages.


Critical communication to bring awareness

Water shortages in summers, garbage pick-up schedule changes, upcoming road closures, and essential health regulations… the use cases are infinite!


Voting communication

A key event of the year… many communications of information are related to the votes. Remind your audience to register on the lists, communicate on their dates and location, share the results… thanks to the campaigns in the email signatures you can easily cover each step of it!

POLLS VOTE COMMUNICATION - email signature banner



It is holiday season, and you would like to wish all your community members and local business partners and associates – a Merry Christmas (or a great Thanksgiving, Eid-el-Kabir, Diwali, Chinese New Year..) Include these wishes in your email signatures and make sure you automatically reach all the contacts you want. This campaign can be an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and offer a banner that is more quirky than usual.

Wishes email signature banner


Community Events

Everybody loves a good easter egg hunt. Well, here is your chance to show how much you care about this local tradition by holding special events ! Invite your entire community via Easter bunnies-themed email banners to come together and participate as one big family.

easter egg hung - email signature banner communication


Legislative Communication

Sometimes it is just about passing on the latest news regarding new policies or amendments in existing laws. For example, you have made amendments to driver safety and you would like everyone in the community to know that. This sort of campaign will use email banners focusing on public safety.

drive safety prevention - email signature banner


Special Offers

Whether it is 4th of July, back-to-school, Back Friday or Boxing Day, there are sales promotions/special offers available the whole year. Well, take this opportunity to communicate the various offers and give your partners (businesses, associations, schools etc.) visibility in your email signatures and support the economic growth of your local community.

email signature - black friday


The advantage with this type of communication is that your communication team will be able to anticipate the creation of these campaigns and simply juggle them throughout the year!

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