How can the Content Manager take advantage of email signatures?

Content Marketing has become essential for companies of all sizes. At the helm of these strategies, the Content Manager should combine subjects, formats, and contact points to reach the best performances. There is good news: the underestimated channel, email signature, can make a significant contribution to this. 


Content Manager, who are you 

The Content Manager’s mission is to create and diffuse web content or other forms of content (texts, presentations, videos, etc.) for their company, institution, product, or personality. The content flows to all channels: websites, social media, newsletters, printed documents, etc. 

Even if on paper their mission seems “simple”, the Content Manager has a role that is becoming more and more strategic. The content that they create, manage, and diffuse should be in accordance with the products or the services of the brand in order to create a link with the audience. Also, and most importantly, the content should reflect the value, the vision, and the ambition of the brand.  

The Content Manager’s priority: showcase the content

The goal is known: emerge from the noise and have the customer see the difference. That is not always simple…Every day, we are confronted by a multitude of brands. We interact with them on the street, on our smartphones, or even on our computer. Thus, the brand’s identity should be impactful, clear, and recognizable on all fronts so that it can leave a lasting impression on the consumer.  

This is where the complexity of the Content Manager’s job lies: managing to make the brand shine through the content in order to enrich its audience regularly and intelligently.  

The email signature, a channel to diffuse content

Once the content is created, now comes the challenge for the Content Manager:  
to promote it in the right place, to the right person and the right time!  

Blog, social media, newsletters, or with influencers… the choices are endless! A channel that stands the test of time, but it is hardly used to its full potential: email signatures in 1to1 emails

Content Manager Strategy

And yet… An employee sends around 40 emails per day and receives 121. With an opening rate of close to 100%, professional emails represent a real gold mine for Content Managers. Thanks to a tool like Letsignit, they can centralize the management of email signatures to promote product content. This also guarantees the consistency of the content broadcasted with the brand’s visual identity. 

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Signatures to promote all types of content 

Moreover, they can also benefit from this channel by adding marketing banners to communicate in a targeted way on several subjects:  

  • Company News: awards, fundraising, new website, press reviews, forums, new identity, brand culture or recruitment
  • Clients: support information, surveys or testimonies  
  • New products & promotions: downloading an app, free trials, promotions or demo video 
  • Resources: blog articles, newsletters, podcasts, videos  
  • Events: conferences, webinars, tradeshows  

The solution allows them to then, analyze the performance of their campaigns via the statistics collected by the platform or by even adding UTM to their campaigns.

By making your email signatures as part of your diffusion strategy for your content, the Content Manager has an opportunity to better re-use their production. A study done by OzContent revealed that 60% of Marketing Managers re-use their existing content 2 to 5 times, but only 29% have a refined strategy for doing so. Thanks to email signatures, they ensure that they take full advantage of the investments made at the time of creation!  

Email signatures, as long as their centralized to better narrate, represent a precious channel to re-use contents. And to contribute to ROI! 

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