What’s a good conversion rate for your email signatures?

What click-through rate can you expect from your email signatures? How should you measure their performance beyond clicks? And why include email signatures in your marketing mix? Find all our answers below.

73% of marketers consider the email channel “excellent” or “good. By comparison, 67% feel this way about SEA campaigns and 38% about social media. In short, email is popular. If you compare its performance to social networks, it’s easy to see why.

  • Posts on a social network like Facebook have a reach of 2%, while email deliverability is about 99%.
  • Engagement is considered good on Facebook when it exceeds 1%, but the average open rate for B2B email is 15% and the click-through rate is about 5%.


An average click-through rate of 5%

Keep in mind that these statistics primarily concern classic email campaigns, not the daily personalized emails a team member sends to existing customers or prospects. These emails are received differently and for good reason: the sender is a person, often already known, and therefore the confidence placed in the message is much higher than that of a classic prospecting email.

The open rate of these emails, which are 1-to-1 and conversational—is close to 100%. What about the click-through rate on an email signature’s CTA? At Letsignit, we observe an average rate of 5% on signature campaigns, a rate similar to that of classic email campaigns… but with an open rate of almost 100%.

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Attribute final conversions to email signatures

However, evaluating the conversion of email signatures from 1-to-1 emails cannot be reduced to just clicks. As with any campaign, it’s important to attribute the “final conversions” to the signatures responsible for them.

In fact, once a prospect has clicked on a signature, they’ll land on a wide variety of content depending on the call-to-action: a product or event description, customer testimonial, or study. And there’s a different conversion for each of these situations: downloading a product sheet, registering for an event, watching a whole video testimony, etc. All these new contacts can ultimately become customers.


Integrate email signatures into the “POE” mix

Beyond clicking on the link in an email signature, what really matters is following conversions all the way through the funnel and comparing each lever’s ability to transform final conversions. A channel can generate a lot of clicks but few conversions at the end of the funnel—and vice versa.

With this analysis, you’ll be able to evaluate the number of clicks on a campaign compared to the number of final conversions, and compare the final conversions brought by email signatures to those from other channels. It’s hard to nail down averages here because everything depends on the number of employees in the company—this, and each company’s POE (Paid, Owned, Earned) mix affects an email signature’s impact.

But one thing is certain: because it’s a personalized 1-to-1 medium, email signatures managed like campaigns have an important place in a POE mix, just like other levers.

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