Email signatures: 5 must-dos

Having an email signature is good, but having an email signature that is 100% optimized, is better! Discover our 5 must-dos to capitalize on this often-neglected marketing channel.


01. Clearly display your important information, and make sure you keep it up to date!

Let us keep in mind the primary service of an email signature: it is your as well as your company’s virtual business card. Therefore, you cannot leave out any information, even the smallest. We are not talking about overloading it unnecessarily, but about focusing on the needs of your recipients.  

  • Who are you?
  • What is your position?
  • What is your company’s website?
  • Your social network links?
  • And of course, your contact information (landline, mobile, fax, etc.).  

Your contacts should be able to reach you easily even through secondary contacts. It is very important to be reachable via several channels, especially if you work in sales or customer service. Think about giving your customers maximum accessibility, especially during periods like now, when work from home is vital. 

Once you have created your email signature, it is of course necessary to ensure that every employees’ email signature is 100% consistent. What is the point of setting up a template if only a few of them use it? 

To centralize and automate the management of your email signatures, solutions such as Letsignit exist. In just a few clicks, our tool synchronizes with your internal directory, distributes your email signatures instantly, and ensures that your information is constantly and centrally updated

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02. Make your signature reflect the soul of your company.

This is the standard; it goes without saying to put the graphic charter of your brand identity at the forefront. Logos, colors, key graphic elements… do not neglect them! They will ensure immediate recognition of your entity and legitimize your exchanges instantly.

In addition, consider adding a space dedicated to your employees’ photos: they will humanize your digital exchanges. Make sure you choose a professional but friendly photo, with a simple or blank background.

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03. Consider your email signature as a marketing channel in its own right!

Because no, your email signatures are not just business cards, they go beyond that! 😉 At a time when work from home is booming and where the need to communicate the right messages at the right time to your audience is stronger than ever, email signatures represent real gold mines. 

With 40 professional emails sent and 121 received daily by an employee, you have every interest in capitalizing on this essential and non-intrusive communication channel! Use your signatures wisely to broadcast your various communication campaigns in a highly targeted manner. A new offer, a new site, recruitment, an event, a contest… the possibilities are endless!

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04. Schedule, measure, and boost your campaigns!

With Letsignit, broadcast several campaigns simultaneously depending on your employees’ job title and their contacts. Your employees will preview their signatures before sending them and they will be able to choose the most suitable one.

Once your first campaigns have been set up for the desired periods, you can start collecting your data to evaluate the performance of your actions!

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05. Automate the management of email signatures for all your employees.

Despite being often neglected due to lack of time or lack of information on the tools available today, your email signatures can be strategic for your business. By automating the management of all your signatures, you free up time for your CIO and offer a powerful and inexpensive new channel to your marketing and communication department. So, do not wait any longer, and discover the extent of our numerous functionalities, designed to adapt to each of your needs!

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