Email signatures: 5 mistakes to avoid

Your email signature is your virtual business card, but it can go far beyond that if properly optimized. With our 5 mistakes to avoid, create an attractive and efficient email signature that is eye-catching, professional, and most of all adapted to your needs! The following tips combined with the Letsignit solution will lead you to excellent results.


01. Email signature in image format

We have all been confronted with the signature that when we click on it, we are taken back to a single hyperlink. It is the most common, the most frustrating, and the least optimizing of all email signatures. By using an email signature in image format (jpg or png) you miss a considerable opportunity to send your contacts back to content that is strategic for them, but above all for your business. 

Websites, corporate social networks, professional LinkedIn accounts… are all links you can use to turn your email signatures into a low-cost acquisition channel.

Moreover, by using an HTML code email signature rather than an image format, you can easily integrate communication banners. Non-intrusive and targeted to your contacts, they will quickly become the best allies for your marketing, HR, communication, or sales campaigns. The big plus? You can finely measure the performance of your actions thanks to a statistical tool!

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02. Out of date logos and information in the email signature

Have you changed your location or brand identity? Did you make sure that your email signatures have been updated? It would be a shame to send the wrong information to your contacts or not be consistent with brand guidelines on all channels. 

With a centralized tool such as Letsignit, your users’ data is directly synchronized with your internal directory (Azure AD or G Suite directory). And, all your signatures can be updated in just a few clicks.

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03. Outdated campaigns in the email signature

We have all received an email containing an email signature banner communicating the traditional end-of-year greeting in March… Yes, that is right… 3 months after December 31st

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event and many companies continue to communicate “outdated” communication campaigns: events or webinars that have already passed, expired offers, or closed surveys.

With Letsignit, you can define the start and end date of your campaigns to ensure that they do not exceed the desired deadline. In addition, you can diffuse several campaigns simultaneously by selecting their priority level. Your coworkers then only must select the desired campaign from their signature library! In this way, all 1to1 outgoing emails from your company will become a real marketing tool!

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04. The individually managed email signature

When signatures are not managed in a centralized or automated way, discrepancies emerge quickly: extended workstation names, personal photos or different logos, colors that do not comply with the graphic charter, etc.

The consequences are multiple: your brand image is degraded, and your recipients are confronted with incorrect information. Your company risks losing credibility and professionalism because of negligence

Today, many companies are still unaware that there are tools to assign the same signature template to 100% of its employees in just a few clicks. Moreover, this type of tool allows you to assign different signatures according to position, department, or other criteria, to adapt as much as possible to specific needs.

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05. Thinking the email signature is “just a signature.”

For many people, the email signature is a simple business card, but we are here to tell you, it is so much more. In a context where work from home is booming and the need to communicate the right messages at the right time is stronger than ever, email signatures represent real gold mines.

An employee sends an average of 40 emails a day and receives 121. For a company of 100 employees, this represents around 80,000 opportunities to enhance your image and boost your communication campaigns

Moreover, with an opening rate close to 100%, while mass emailing only has an average opening rate of 29%, your email signatures are guaranteed to be seen by your audience.

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So, don’t wait any longer and capitalize on your daily emails now! 

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