Corona Covid-19: Letsignit takes action

In the face of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, we are going through a unique period that is profoundly changing our habits and the way we do business.

At Letsignit, we want to put all our energy into helping other businesses. We have therefore decided to provide emergency communication kits so that companies can diffuse important information concerning COVID-19 in their email signatures. Furthermore, during this time, our support team will accompany you in a quick deployment of the solution (no more than 48 hours for set up). 

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Today, more than ever, with many companies implementing work from home, email signatures have become a mechanism used to distribute important messages to the largest number of people

Our customers were naturally the first to ask us to accompany them in relaying important information regarding the current situationHere are the 3 use cases most used: 

  • Raise awareness of government measures 

Our clients were very proactive with the news of the COVID-19 outbreak and asked us for banners that relayed important information. We have these banners that we created at your disposal if you wish to use themWe advise adding a link that redirects your recipients to the government’s official website, in case there is a need for more information. 

Covid-19 Coronavirus prevention

Shelter in place rules


  • To communicate to your network the internal system you have put in place.

For the majority of businesses, it is most important that they communicate to their customers the commitment of their teams even if they work from home and that they are following the measures put in place to protect their employees. 

Home office announcement

Teleworking work from home 

  • Communicate what you are doing to help.

Certain companies are contributing their help in this situation and have made a point of making this known in their email signatures.
Our client, BPI France, for example, has chosen to distribute its emergency support plan to companies via its email signatures. Using the banner, BPI France relays the access created to provide information and guidance to companies whose business is impacted by the coronavirus. 

BPI France

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If you identify other important messages to communicate to your recipients, do not hesitate to send us the idea and we will add it to the existing library.  


This is the time to show solidarity and to protect one another.  

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