How to create a harmonized email signature for my company?

In 2018, the total number of emails (personal and professional) sent and received each day exceeded 281 billion and should reach more than 333 billion by the end of 2022*. Even if the uses change (especially instant messaging), the email still remains the most common form of communication. Learn how to capitalize on it, now!

A harmonized signature?

Bad email signatures vs Good email signatures

Not having harmonized signatures in your company runs the risk of bad information being transmitted to your clients and prospects such as a deformed or wrong logo, missing information, prioritization, contact errors and sometimes even signatures that are nonexistence. The cases are numerous!

Why harmonize all your employees’ email signatures?

In your company, you are constantly searching for ways to improve your brand in order to increase your notoriety and ensure your permanence.  

By harmonizing all of your employees’ email signatures, each one of your clients and prospects will perceive your brand image exactly how you wish to present it.

Even more, the internal brand image of a company is indispensable to the activity. Each colleague should feel like a member of the group in order to apply themselves to the maximum and drive a positive image of the society.

How to harmonize?

A signature model is usually defined at the general level so that the group can have the same information.

The type of form? Simple and efficient!

The email signature should have:

  • User information: last name, first name, title & telephone number;
  • Company information: logo, address, website, social media;
  • Company color: coordination between the logo color + graphical charter.

Once the model is created, you must ensure that every colleague has the desired signature. For this, you can turn to native messaging functionalities. However, they are not very successful, and they will hardly allow you to automate their management and updates effectively.

The best solution? You use a centralized and automated tool to manage your email signatures.

Letsignit allows you to create perfect signatures for your brand with the use of templates. In just a few clicks, you reinforce your brand image and can even track the performance of your email signatures. Also, the integration with your email client (Exchange, Office 365, G Suite) is made simple and your IT manager will be happy to no longer have to deal with this subject.

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And more…

This type of tool allows you to capitalize on new communication channels by relaying clickable marketing banners in each email sent by your colleagues.
The opportunities are infinite for boosting your marketing!

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