How to add a promotional banner to ​my email signature?

Adding a promotional banner to your email is a great way to generate traffic to your website and add more visibility to your campaigns. They can be easy to add to your email thanks to email signature management software. 

Tips on optimizing your email signature banner

To begin, what is an email signature banner?

Banners are graphic images that announce a promotion, event, service, product, launch or holiday wishes. They can be placed below the signature which displays contact details and includes a clickable URL which will lead the recipient to the company’s desired website.

Why add a banner to your email?

Email signature banners are a great way to reach your target without spamming them like with the traditional mass emailing. Recipients are 100% more likely to open a one-to-one email than a mass email which only results in a 20% opening rate. Banners added to the bottom of your email signature are eye-catching, interesting and most of all non-intrusive.

Employees send around 40 emails per day if you multiply that by the number of employees that are in your organization, that equals a huge opportunity to optimize the cheapest and most powerful communication channel- the email

How to use a banner and make it work for you?

We recommend using a banner that is no bigger than 700 pixels so that it can fit the format size of an email. Import a .JPEG or .PNG image for the best quality.

The banner should have a CTA (call to action) that entices your recipient to click on it and be sure to insert a URL that will bring them to a desired page.

With the click data that is collected by Letsignit, you can see which campaigns were successful and who received the most clicks. You can export this information to analyze and perfect your next banner.

Email signature marketing banners

Here are some tips for having an effective banner:

  • Keep it simple and clear: too much information or images may make the banner look cluttered. Make sure to be precise with the information you want to transmit.
  • Personalize your banners: make sure your banners reach the right targets. Assign your banners to different groups or departments so that they can reach the right segment
  • Make sure to change the banner once the event is over. You can add a start and end date to your banners so that, once the event is over, so is the banner.
  • Add a GIF for a more animated, eye-catching banner.
  • Make it automatic. Save time by using solutions such as Letsignit to diffuse the banner to all employees in just one click.

Discover Letsignit & begin adding banners to your emails: 

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If you need more inspiration on when to add a banner check out our 5 Essential Cases of Use of Marketing Banners and if you want some guidance on adding the banner to your signature, discover our FAQ.


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