How to add a professional email signature to Outlook?

Like many other companies, you have difficulty with harmonizing your email signatures. You are tired of asking your users to manually do it, because they simply don’t. No signature is identical, and you don’t have an automatic solution… and that is costing you a lot!

Average costs generated by companies to manage email signatures

Why add a harmonized signature to your emails?

Each one of your employees send more than 30 outgoing emails per day. That is a lot of times that your image is exposed!

The signature plays an essential role. It is sometimes a source of information, a business card, an invitation to discover your brand, a memory aid for your future exchanges.
Overall, it is a key element of your marketing. Don’t underestimate it!

What to integrate?

  • Your identity (first and last name, title, department in the company);
  • Your personal information (telephone number, fax, address);
  • Your logo;
  • Clickable links to your website and social media.

And what to keep in mind?

  • Be as clear as possible;
  • Think of the different languages, if your company is global;
  • Remain coherent with your brand identity (graphic charter);
  • Choose a system font to avoid all surprises;
  • Adapt yourself: 61% of emails are read on mobile devices*.

How to add the signatures in Outlook?

The original email client features such as Outlook’s, are not efficient at automating and updating signatures.
You need an automated tool to manage your email signatures.

Letsignit allows you to create the perfect signature for your brand with the use of templates. Coordinated with your colors, the diffusion and the update of all your employees’ signatures are made in an automated and centralized way

Time saving, image respected, simple and agile integration in Outlook…
the benefits are substantial!

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And more…

This type of tool allows you to take advantage of a new communication channel and relay clickable campaign banners with each email sent by an employee.
The case of use is infinite for boosting your marketing!

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